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Shipping Seeds to NZ

Discussion in 'Marijuana News From Around The Globe' started by Millsie, Mar 29, 2011.


    Millsie Well-Known Member

    Thinking of shipping some AK-48 from Nirvana to New Zealand. :bigjoint:
    I know its illegal.. Whats the best international courier service to use?
    And does anyone know the actual implications if they get found?

    closeoneeye Member

    Hey bro, im from New Zealand. Know heaps of people who have shipped before with no issues. I have actually ended up with some purps that what bought over sea's.

    Millsie Well-Known Member

    Fuck yeah! Yeah man, I ordered my seeds about a week ago now.
    I ordered AK-48.. So it should be good and I got my grow lights earlier in the week too, now I just need some fucking fans
    Frank Dank

    Frank Dank Member

    I´ve sent seeds from Guatemala to New Zealand, no problems.
    Cali chronic

    Cali chronic Well-Known Member

    Do not use a federal service. Like Post office! Use a private carrier to mail anything questionable.

    Millsie Well-Known Member

    Fucking hell, after second try sending them I finally got them.
    Took a whole month and a bit to get to me but in the end I got them, I'm kinda thankful that it took that long to get to me
    since I kept learning new things through this forum. If I had gotten them straight away I would have definitely fucked up
    the grow.

    Can't wait to start growing though, just waiting for these assignments to get out of the way and for me to finish off the grow box.

    daguatero Member

    Everything happens for a reason bro! Mine were semt today drom seaofseeds. Lets see how long it takes to get to NZ..ñ

    Mashew Member

    Good stuff dudes, norml nz forum back up and running check it!

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