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Shipping Drugs through fed-ex or ups....

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Dr. Conrad, Sep 5, 2009.

    Dr. Conrad

    Dr. Conrad Active Member

    Ok here it goes, I've been traveling cross country with a large amount of ecstasy tablets (over 1000) for some time and was wandering what risks are associated with shipping them. I've done some resaerch already and found the US postal service uses dogs but fedex and ups do not. Let's say I were to anonymously send it to myself from another state. If confiscated, what charges would I face, if any at all?

    Basically I am tired of driving around with all this shit and want to mail from Miami to NY. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated. :weed:

    Sharpies Well-Known Member

    Hey man, I stay away from pills, just stuff from mother earth man. Take your pills back to George Jetson, man.

    simp6jj Member

    The charges u would be facing would be receiving illegal goods which is a federal charge punishable with a lot of fed prison buddy now if u want to know how to move with know worries holla at me and ill give u alittle info !

    atomicronick Active Member

    I think you are pretty stupid for asking THAT question on a weed site. eventually, youll get caught doing something. i dont know you. peace
    haze, son

    haze, son Active Member

    Its actually a relatively similar question. Lets say that you were in the same position, and needed to send a pound or two back to your home miles away. Marijuana is STILL an illegal substance, Substance III in most cases, and would still be similar charges if caught.

    Considering that ecstasy has no smell, it would be easier to ship through the mail, I imagine. Hide it in a christmas popcorn bucket or something. lol

    anberlinaddict Well-Known Member

    God some people are just stupid as fuck.
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    poke smot420

    poke smot420 Well-Known Member

    ectasy = 1 felony per pill. long jail time + trafficking + intent to sell etc. but if you do it through mail.... vaccume seal bags. USPS has to have a search warrent to look through your shit, fed ex and ups dont...... hope this helps. but like that other guy side ^^^^^^ stick to mother earth stuff man

    whiterhyno420 Well-Known Member

    ur dumb for askin that in this fourm and ull be lookin at fed time and im talkin more than ten years
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    atomicronick Active Member

    first off, his post is not in the right thread. Second, i have never heard of anyone asking for hard drug trafficing tips on this site. I find that to be be quite heat baggish, myself. If you have to ask that, you are in the wrong business. thats my point. it is a relative question, but why you would back up his reason for asking that question here botherd me.

    Last time I checked, most growers didnt concern themselves with Etards. And for the record, drug dogs can smell everything they put in E. just because you cant smell it doesnt mean the dogs werent trained for it. dogs cant smell coke...ROTFL..... imagine!
    for the record, i have worked for UPS. the workers dont smell every package. wrap it good, stupid.

    Dr. Conrad

    Dr. Conrad Active Member

    Where would u like me to make my post. This is the most knowledgable forum I know of all the e sites r full of retards who don't know shit, and for the guy who states the ecstasy is a charge per pill, I'd like to see ur sources on that. Also e or MDMA is not a hard drug. Crack is a hard drug. Heroin is a hard drug. MDMA has no scientiffically proven negative effects and is also not addictive. I place it in the same category as shrooms and other hallucenogens. Thanks to all others for there help.

    Maryjane123 Well-Known Member

    Look dude, doesn't matter what you tell us about MDMA, been not addictive etc..

    because the feds just aint gonna listen, it's still classed as a hard drug in there eyes.

    If you say about all other E sites been retards, then doesn't that have some kind of reflection on yourself for pushing 1000?

    Sharpies Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter what category you place it in. If the government classifies it as an assault rifle, be prepared to be charged with possessing an assault rifle.

    whiterhyno420 Well-Known Member

    are u serious it dont have a negative effects u dumb ass every time u pop a pill a whole gets drilled in to ur brain and if u take more than u can u over dose and die if thats not negative than i dont kno wut is and it is a charger per pill learn about the shit before u fuk with it u shit for brains

    Sharpies Well-Known Member

    Also, I knew people who took ecstasy pills that contained MDA, not MDMA. They died. And you can't look at a pill and tell if it's the wrong shit in it. Weed, you can inspect. The two are completely different stubstances, with different risks.

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Ecstasy is most definitely a hard drug fool. I've done X before and I won't touch the shit because it's so dangerous. People overheat and die from that shit all the time. Now please move along and go over to the hallucinatory substances forum. That's right...this forum is for "General Marijuana Growing"...and you thought X has no negative side effects. It's obviously affected your ability to read.

    Sharpies Well-Known Member

    Hey! He figured he'd ask a board about growing marijuana for info on shipping ecstasy. Makes perfect sense, right? :spew::shock:

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Now that I think about it....you're right it does make perfect sense. I really don't feel like helping someone smuggle 1000 X pills though. That stuff is poison and I will have no part in it. Peace!

    h8red1 Well-Known Member

    take it from me XO lots of time got slammed for 2500 pills 8 counts man slaughter premetitated murder for every 400 pills i lucked out search warrent was forged my male magistrate when it was female working that day beat it and got reduced to poss of anphetamines wth intent 2 distribute.....lots of bread to dig your way out just be cautious and TRUST no 1 REAL TALK >>>> p.s ups&fed EX da way to go BECAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no return address REMEMBER ship fr. ouuta your county so no traces back holla
    IF ya wanna Learn.....
    haze, son

    haze, son Active Member

    Regardless of the chemical, a drug is known as a drug. I mean, shit, people can overdose on fucking nutmeg for christs sake. However, the government wont give a shit about a sap's story if you're caught with 1k+. Just keep your head on straight, and send that shit through USPS if you dont have the cajones to drive with it.

    Ecstasy is stupid as shit, but I'm not gonna complain if someone sends some MDA my way. ;p

    Floridianpuffnpuff Well-Known Member

    usps is the most secure personally when mailing anything

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