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Shipping Container As An Underground grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by loaded dervish, Dec 4, 2010.

    loaded dervish

    loaded dervish Active Member

    I was thinking about saying i was going to make a bomb shelter out of a shiping container and use it to grow weed underground and out of the watch of cops. If i rent a back hoe and dig a hole to place the cargo cantainer then put a foot of dirt back over the container. i would put two holes at the top of the containers and make fake rocks with ventilation systems. would this idea work for a underground secret grow. I am a medical user just like to do things difrently dont want guess comming to house and finding grow. I think this shelter will be sweet and a cool place to get away give me your advise why my idea wont work hit me hard so i dont waist money on sompthing that cant be done put you 2 cents in!!

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    This has been done to death. Google *underground grows*

    You would need drainage to prevent the thing from filling up with water.
    loaded dervish

    loaded dervish Active Member

    Ya i was researching i will stick to just growing outdoors off my property. I dont even want to try this project it is just to big and noticable. i will stick with my perfectly good outdoor bud no reson to get to greedy that is how people get cought!!

    xdrgreenthumbx Active Member

    one problem with this. In my state, and im sure in most states, you have to call your local authorities 3 days before you dig so they can come mark any kind of underground wires and whatnot so you dont accidentally destroy any. Now, im not sure they will ask why you plan on digging, but at the very least SOMEONE will know that you are digging in that area for some reason. be safe. always.

    ClamDigger Active Member

    always wanted to light up a shipping container
    ablazed blunt

    ablazed blunt Well-Known Member

    Depending on your land and others around you I wouldn't call anyone. Start on Friday and have it done by Sunday. With a good backhoe I don't see why it can't be done. Just have everything lined up. If you live in the country then it would work better.

    Someone was telling me that they built this shed and the county picked up on it with satalites and billed him for it cause he didn't have a permit. If they can pick up on him building that shed they might be able to pick up on your dig.

    Yeah I got to thinking about it and I don't think you would be able to do it in a couple of days. I mean that is a lot of dirt you have to haul off. Unless you have enough land where you can just spread it out. You would a dump truck or trailer

    FootClan Well-Known Member

    you really think they cought him by satelite? lol come on dont you think its more likey that a neighbor of someting just narked on him or somthing.......Im suppose to believe that the county tracked his shed from satelite then sent him a bill? lol i call bolangia on that one.....My dad built a big add on to the side of his house.......The building inspector came a few years later to give him a permit for a deck he was building.....The guy noticed his add on and told him that it wasnt leagal and he had to take it down.......5 years later nothing has happened they never came back to check to see if he tour it down they never sent him anytihng in the mail nothing........i doubt that any satelite was used to seek out your friends little shed lol seems totally nonsense

    xdrgreenthumbx Active Member

    @ ablazed blunt : my mantra is this, when breaking laws..break as few as possible at one time.

    say he doesnt call before he digs. these are the scenarios: a) someone spots it and he gets nailed for unlawful digging AND the grow b) he hits some underground wires and explodes himself c) nothing and he lives happily ever after.

    Feel free to do as you wish, but im all about safety and security FIRST.

    FirsTime Active Member

    @xdrgreenthumbx : I'm pretty damn sure that if he lives in the country as I do no cocksucking neighbour is gonna be an asshole for him digging unlawfully, but your right you never know and I understand your safety and security first but, You could easily with a good backhoe dig behind your house but not too close to your foundation in two days and have that shipping container in there and covered up. The question is... What is going to be your access to the shipping container? Last thing you wanna do is have a outdoor access to your underground grow and the only explanation would be open up a hole in the foundation which is very unsafe for your living quarters . So, If you put it underground you would have to get one of those sheds from lowes or do it yourself and build a shed in the backyard on top of this thing and put a hole in the top of your shipping container and put some type of fucking vault door into your grow room. It seems alot more god damn difficult than just plopping in a few plants around the property, So its possible but unnecessary compared to just a few plants around the property. Sorry bro :) but if you actually do fuckiing do this, make sure to make a journal that would be insane... Also I remember watching a video on youtube about the underground bus grow under a large garage by a couple and they were caught due to him getting a few possesion charges and them searching the house and garage, finding the door in the garage.
    ablazed blunt

    ablazed blunt Well-Known Member

    Yeah that is just what he told me. Its just hear say and it doesn't prove anything.

    lowerarchy Active Member

    There are at least six or ten extensive discussions on other sites about this topic, it's true. I did find one where a guy was planning it out and stockpiling materials but evidently he abandoned the thread even though he was pretty advanced in the project - I hope it worked out for him, or at least nothing bad happened.

    There are all kinds of things to consider if you want to do this, but if you own the land you should consider that you've got to remove the container eventually and it won't be as easy as it was to put in. Dirt moves and eventually it'll twist and crush your container like a pop can - they were never meant to withstand force from any points other than the eight corners where they sit on the deck and where other cans are stacked on them. The steel is a thin webbing at best, and of course it would depend on your local conditions, but even given ideal circumstances it won't last more than ten years or so.

    Ever do any digging in your potential location? Good digging? Sandy? Water table down 10-12'? Might just work; keep us posted.

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    Yeah this was done. They got rolled cuz they stole 2 bigass diesel generators.

    lowerarchy Active Member

    This has been done dozens of times all over the place. This the one in Humboldt you're talking about?

    Above quote from this article: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2010/1011.gravois.html

    tafbang Well-Known Member

    use the dirt for soil ^_^ and make pretty hills in the backyard and grow strawberries

    tafbang Well-Known Member

    I just thought of a great idea. DIG A POOL ABOUT 24FT DEEP. (fucking caps) use about 10ft for a swimming pool and under the pool have your operation..... it's a brilliant idea. maybe have the door to it come from your basement. :D

    lowerarchy Active Member

    model shipping container.jpg
    Until the container crumples the second you've got your pool filled. D'oh. It'd be boss for an engineered structure though - free heatsink for your grow, free heating for your pool. Perfect combo.

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    ok, not under a pool. But maybe under a hot tub? You could create this underwater air lock that you would have to snorkle through to get into the grow room.

    "Dude, why does your hot tub smell like lemons and skunk"

    lowerarchy Active Member

    Fuck it, I'd just build a weed-scented sauna with a cold bath outside for my rez. Once yer done sweating in the exhaust you can go for a brisk dip in the salty rez water...

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    You can do it like those dudes in Tennessee. They built there house over a cave opening and had a huge grow going on. They got busted for stealing power. Don't steal power.

    ImporteXBUILT Active Member

    I read somewhere recently a dude got rolled with 3 packs in his car, so they searched the house and found a little hole in the ground that lead to a school bus grow lol.

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