She took a dump on me.

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    One of my girls is not doing so well. She's probably looked this way for 24 hours now and after watering 12 hours ago she's only gotten worse. Room temp is 74, rh is unknown, 24 hour cycle, 400watt MH in custom hood runs very cool and is 12" from canopy. Now she did suffer a small stem injury at about two weeks old but since then had recovered and developed new growth. All the other plants subjected to the same environmental and watering variables are just fine. Any guesses?

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    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    looks to me it seems to be an overwatering issue. make sure drainage in bottom of pot is working properly and just cut down on watering for a bit to see if it clears up.

    plants that size in pots that big shouldnt even need to be watered but every 7-10 days in my experience. use the weight of the container as a guide to when they need water. if the container is light when you pick it up then its time for some water, if its heavy and you can feel some dead weight (water weight) then it can go longer.

    when water leaves the soil it provides O2 to the root system, if you constantly are watering then your depriving the roots of O2.

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    is your soil dirt from outside.. transplant that girl

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    20130124_093902.jpg get something with a little perlite in it.. spend 10 bucks.. the outcome will be worth it.

    BilboBag Member

    The soil is my vegetable garden soil. I sifted it and then added sphagnum moss. 4:1 soil to sphagnum. I've moved her to a "rehab" area and drilled some more holes in the bottom of the pot. The pot is now on a milk crate with a fan under it blowing air onto the bottom side in hopes of getting some of the excess moisture out. If that is a bad idea to help remedy to the overwatering then please do let me know. And thanks.

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    youre reaqlly gonna need more drainage, go to home depot and if you have to get some miracle grow or something, your dirt is just going to get more and more solid every time you water

    BilboBag Member

    Well what could I add to my soil when I mix it to help keep it lighter?

    AZPsyclops Active Member

    I use straight Fox Farms Happy Frog with excellent results.
    I do not reccommend miracle grow. Their mix is unknown and PH levels can get scewed up quickly. They use allot of nitrates which can turn acidic real quick when using nutes.
    I had a small plant that I had just thrown anything I had into the pot because of no money and it looked the same. I transplanted it into Happy Frog and within a week it was great.
    I believe it might be soil and a watering issue.
    Good Luck.

    BilboBag Member

    Anyone have a good method for complete soil changes? I'm worried about losing the roots.

    BilboBag Member

    I noticed another one drooping so I moved it to sit over the fan. I also drilled a hole in the side of the pot and put an airline into the pot. This is the difference I noticed after about an hour.

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    How often are you watering? At that age they dont need to be watered very often, maybe once every 2-3 days.

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    I was watering every two to three days. I would check the top of the soil and when the top two inches were feeling kinda dry I would water. However while the tops were dry the bottoms always remained wet. Noob mistake.

    majek Well-Known Member

    Lots of perlite, you can never have too much perlite the plants love it.

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