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Sexing your plant

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Jordy Villain, Mar 16, 2007.

    Jordy Villain

    Jordy Villain Well-Known Member

    how exactly is this done and how long do you have to remove the male plants before they do what ever it is that they do to ruin the females?

    dursky Well-Known Member

    after u put them under12-12.. maybe a week to 3 weeks.. if they have balls they are males.. get rid of soon as possible

    mr_issues Well-Known Member

    Mabie I was lied to, but I was told that if they only have 5 points they are male... If they have 7 points they are female... I don't know how true this is... Anyone want to verify this myth?

    muu232 Well-Known Member

    All marijuana plants will have 5 and 7 point leaves. That is completely untrue. To sex a plant, start flowering it by changing the light schedule to 12/12. After a week you should start seeing the preflowers occur between the the main nodes and the new branches. A male will have a cluster of "balls" and a female will have a small pod with 2 white hairs growing out of it.

    muu232 Well-Known Member

    Oh, and you'll want to get the males out as soon as possible. Definately don't wait any longer than 2 weeks after they start flowering at 12/12.

    mr_issues Well-Known Member

    awesome... I figured that shit was untrue... lol
    Thanks muu232!

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Preflowers, as opposed to full blown flowers, generally appear after the fourth week of vegetative growth from seed. Check carefully above the fourth node. Please note that preflowers are very small and and almost impossible to differentiate without magnification. A photographer's 10x loupe is handy indeed when examining preflowers.

    As the images below demonstrate, the female preflower is pear shaped and produces a pair of pistils. Frequently, the female preflowers do not show pistils until well after the preflowers have emerged. Thus, don't yank a plant because it has no pistils. Pistillate preflowers are located at the node between the stipule and emerging branch.

    Also, some female preflowers never produce pistils. A female preflower without pistils is difficult to distinguish from a male preflower. Thus, hermaphodite issues should not be resolved by the appearance of preflowers, without pistils, on a plant otherwise believed to be a female.

    Female (pistillate)


    Image courtesy of MrIto

    Female (pistillate)

    Image courtesy of Uncle Ben

    The male preflower may be described as a "ball on a stick." However, its most recognizable feature is its absence of pistils. Sometimes, a male plant will develop mature staminate flowers after prolonged periods of vegetative growth. These appear in clusters around the nodes.

    The following image shows a male plant in early flowering. Staminate flowers are located at the node between the stipule and emerging branch.

    Male (staminate)
    [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica] [​IMG][/FONT]

    Image courtesy of PLAYn
    Image courtesy of PsycoXul
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    OldManPot New Member

    first, you buy the plant dinner with a nice champagne, maybe a steak and lobster by candle light,ect. then take it home and put it in the dark and tell it you have all of this pent up energy, and yud really like a little sexing up. after, it will bring you flowers, BUT in the process, yu may find out that it was a transvestite, when it pops its balls and bannana out!......
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    more sexing info in link in my sig
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Try anywhere from 1 to 11 point leaves, but most commonly there will be 5 to 7 point leaves.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Sexing plants is SUPER EASY. If you have white hairs all over its a female, if you have a bunch of little green grape looking things its a male. Most plants will show their sex of you just veg them long enough until they mature.

    Get the males out before those little green grapes crack open and start spreading pollen. It only takes a tiny bit of pollen to ruin the whole crop.I remove males as soon as I see a "ball", but i haven't had to do that for years and years because I grow from clones.
    steve 0

    steve 0 Member

    Hi, Do male plants always have a cluster of balls together or can they sometimes just have individual ones? As i have some plants that have almost pear shaped balls at the node but none in clusters. Definatly not round either all just on their own.All in to 4 weeks of 12-12. any advice appreciated.

    Tarkett Member

    I lol'd so hard at this. +rep

    and +rep to you mogie for the useful information.

    Villa Active Member

    40$ for seeded green bud? where do you live I wanna come buy all that up.
    Any weed for 40$ an oz I'd buy all day long and make a hella lot of money.

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    i have seen 13 fingerd leaves

    nickos2250 Member

    hey guys just wondering if u could help me out with these pics! i believe it is female but just want to confirm with the experts! this one is the most mature out of my few plants and very healthy. and the rest all seem to be female too but are alot less mature but all planted at the same time and have prob been stressed and stunted. there is one that is quite large but looks to be male i was wondering if i could leave it with the females until flowering or is there a chance that it could cross polinate? DSC05630.jpg DSC05638.jpg DSC05631.jpg

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    That's pretty funny OMP

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