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sexing and clones

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by clscbr, Nov 22, 2006.


    clscbr Active Member

    When do the first signs of sex appear? I am assuming it is not until you switch to 12/12 and the flowering stage. I also understand that cloning should not be done during the flowering stage, but only during veg. So, this seems to be a catch 22, unless I clone all plants, label them and then when I sex the parents, throw out all clones coming from males.

    Also, how do I establish a "mother plant" to continue to cut clones if I have to begin to flower her to determine gender...unless I use a female clone as the "mother" is guess....Hope this makes sense.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Mother plants are grown specifically to take cuttings from. They are normal plants (seed or clone) but their job is to produce as many growing shoots as possible and then have them chopped off. Due to this they require care of a slightly different nature. Nitrogen inhibits root growth so feed mothers after taking cuttings rather than before to give the clones a head start. When you harvest clones from a mother plant finish off by giving it a flat top trim like a hedge to encourage as many new growing tips as possible ready for the next time. Sadly heavy cloning of a mother plant will eventually take its toll on it and the quality of its cuttings, it`s a good idea to introduce new seed stock every few years to avoid problems.

    clscbr Active Member

    Thanks for the advise about maintaing the female, but it doesn't answer my very basic question about establishing the female to use for cuttings.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Once you have a female plant, you just keep it under 18+ hours of light... Keep HER in a constant VEG state. You can clone her as much as YOU want.. THIS is YOUR MOTHER..


    You can flower a plant (12/12) detremine its sex and if it is female, switch it back to 18+ .... thus keeping it in VEG FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT, what I would do,

    Is take a clone.... or cloneS and then FLOWER the PLANT you got the clones from... If it is female, keep flowering and use one of the clones as a mother.. If it is MALE.... kill yourself.. LOL


    clscbr Active Member

    Oh thank you Knowm...the answer is within your statement. I was not clear about switching back to 18+ after a short period at 12/12 to determine sex...I am now a happy and fullfilled newbie!

    conz123 Well-Known Member

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