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Sex on Salvia?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Sr. Verde, Feb 25, 2010.

    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    I was thinking about how fucking awesome that would be.

    Any experienced or serious Salvia trippers ever try it?

    I beginning to get a handle on controlling the themes of my trips

    nad90 Active Member

    HAHA! good luck please share what ends up happeneing
    Psychedelics and Chronic

    Psychedelics and Chronic Well-Known Member

    It'd probably take me too long to get into the mind state to be able to, unless I just did a little. I tend to take huge rips and then black out, come to and remember nothing of real life for a minute, then am more aware and tripping. But then the salvia would ware off in only like 5 minutes tops. Always does for me. I've never eaten salvia though, just smoked. Maybe taking smaller hits and waiting a few minutes and keep fucking, smoke, fuck, back and fourth. Especially when tripping, or even rolling, makes me last so much longer it seems impossible with salvia.
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Me and my homies rolled up a long ass joint and lined it with like 4-5 trips worth of salvia and just burned that shit and halfway through we realized that we were all trippin

    I'm talking about fucking for like 10 minutes regular, and then trading off on small salvia rips, not enough to go out of reality but enough to be able to consciously control and then just go from there.

    I think it would be super interesting to see sex from the salvia perspective :P
    Psychedelics and Chronic

    Psychedelics and Chronic Well-Known Member

    haha that reminded me one time where my friends and I put a shitload of salvia with chronic in a blunt. I was driving and realized when I hit it that it was salvia. Pulled over, we went into a forest, and like the first hits were the best but definitely the rest just keep us in a strange mind state. Still don't think it'd last long enough for sex. I don't know if you're the same, but it seems that when I'm tripping and having sex that it is so much harder to finish in a shorter time (under half an hour) generally its around an hour to two hours when I'm tripping or rolling. Great workout, really adds visuals when your pumping blood and feeling great and in "love". Even when I was thinking in my head (I don't think I can last 5 minutes, I'm so into it) it didn't matter, the drugs just wont allow a finish for a while for me. And I sometimes have a hard time lasting from 10-30 minutes sober. Once I get to that 10 minute point though I tend to go the full 20-30. That's sober.

    four2zerOallday Well-Known Member

    I think your dick would have to be inside a girl before you took a hit. I dont think there is any way I would be able to focus enough to insert my dong while salvia trippin.

    greensister Well-Known Member

    Sure you can have sex on salvia, if you are a two pump chump. 30 seconds after a big ass hit, im gone for the next few minutes. I cant see or hear anything except what i am halucinating then afterwards, im covered in nasty sweat and my head rings a bit.

    Sex on salvia is about as practical as whacking off in front of your dad.

    BlueNine Active Member

    I think something like this could only be achieved accidentally

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    or just have her ride you while you tripp and when you come back to reality fuck the shit out of her

    id be too afraid this cute girl would turn into a beast or something

    BangBangNig Active Member

    Haha for sure. You would hace to be fucking at the time you hit it to even attempt sex lol.

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't even comprehend the idea of getting laid while salivating on salvia... the sheer tenacity of the trip alone would veer you off into a whole different realm....

    It's like saying, "HEY lets fuck on DMT"... WHY ruin the experience with sex?

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    I am a very experienced salvia tripper.. I would not try sex on it if you paid me! Good luck, if you pull it off you should seriously write how that shit goes!

    IMHO it goes both ways. Why take the focus off of the experience (and the potentially learning ability), and why take the passion out of sex? More is not always better.

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    Considering the last time I smoked salvia I thought the room was trying to eat me, I'm pretty sure I'll keep my sex and salvia separate.

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Someone would end up murdering one another while fucking during a SALVIA load!

    The News line reads:

    "Sex While Tripping- The New Fetish" ;)
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Well I can always fuck again, and I can always hit salvia again, I don't believe that any experience in anything is wasted :)

    hahahahaha oh man maybe, I usually can keep control of my body though, I always know in the back of my mind to just keep my hands and knees down... Sort of the way someone can focus away pain I can focus away movement, if that makes sense.

    I just did like 4 salvia trips last night, I'm planning on getting extremely familiar with it before I try the title of this thread

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    To life and new experiences!

    Cheers ;)

    Bauks Well-Known Member

    Good Luck with that one ..I can barely stand the feeling of the huge amounts of sweat it produces....... it's like wearing a itchy wool sweater LoL.... Sex would be outta the question as there is a severe Break from Sensory Input Between the user and the world .....

    Bauks Well-Known Member

    Try starting out with sex with a good puff or 3 right in the middle of it and see where you wake up at lol .....
    Gold medal bong hits

    Gold medal bong hits Active Member

    haha man i wouldnt even try it. You'd probably start thinking some alien trying to munch on you lol.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens


    *this will be the new erowid topic*

    Bad Trip (while having sex on salvia)

    All right everyone, so I decided to smoke salvia during my trip and have sex with my girlfriend. We started having sex and I decided I would take a few hits, I instantly started tripping! I thought I could see my dick going into a meat grinder and chopping my dick into tiny little pieces, I tried to push it away and ended up smashing my girlfriend in the face yelling "STOP GRINDING MY DICK YOU EVIL MEAT GRINDER!!!"

    lol.. I wouldn't go for it dude.

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