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Sex: How To Determine At An Early Stage

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by aeviaanah, Nov 10, 2010.


    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    Hows it going everyone? It has been about 6 weeks since these plants have sprouted and I thought I would share how I determine sex at an early stage. The first signs we look for when determining plant sex usually emerge between day 35 and 45 from seed sprout. This is an estimate and can change with different variables including strain.

    One observation I have noticed is males typically show sex before females. When determining sex I usually look at the second or third node down (from the top) as they are easiest to see without emerging leafs getting in the way. Male staminates look like little balls and at early stages can easily be confused with an emerging female calyx. Staminate flowers are located at the node between the stipule and emerging branch. Here is an image showing an emerging male staminate.

    [​IMG] [Early signs of male staminates- As you can see the male organ holds more of a round shape]

    Through time the balls will begin to multiply and stack, you will end up with something like this:
    [Late signs of male flowers just before they have opened, releasing pollen]

    A calyx is the pear-shaped sex organ produced by the female plant and resides at the base of the pistils. Often females will produce calyx's before the pistils emerge, these calyx's can be mistaken for male staminates if not given enough time to develop. It is not until pistils emerge from calyx when we will be able to fully determine that plant is in fact female. Here is an image showing pistils emerging between stipule and an emerging branch.

    [Early signs of female pistillate with pear-shaped calyx]

    As you can see the females pistils resemble golden/yellow hairs and at times can even be pink. More and more pistils will begin to show and in a few weeks given the proper photo-period will resemble this.

    [Female around week 2 of 12/12 showing many pistils.]

    I hope this helps a few people determine sex at an early stage. It is always safer to wait another few days to be sure of sex. You will have plenty of time before male flowers open and pollinate your crop. Males will not pollinate until the flowers have opened fully, thus releasing pollen. Please feel free to correct me if there is any wrong information posted. Also, let me know if you feel something important has been left out or has stated vaguely. Take care!
    Snow Crash

    Snow Crash Well-Known Member

    I always think of this as common knowledge but it is important to cover for new growers. Good post.

    Auzzie07 Well-Known Member

    Nice close-up/insert shots of pre-flowers. +Rep

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    Yes same here, I was just taking pictures of the garden and though oh what the hell...maybe i shouldve posted in the newbie section? Did you find all information to be correct?
    Thanks man!
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    goodolboy Active Member

    Hey man, Great Post Someone needs to Sticky This thread!!
    Snow Crash

    Snow Crash Well-Known Member

    You were pretty right on with it man.

    I think the only thing I'd add is a time frame for people to watch for them.
    I find my Male plants start to sex somewhere around day 35 of vegetative life.
    Female plants usually sex around day 45 of vegetative life.

    Not really a rule, and different for each plant, but sort of a guide line to give them an idea of how long it takes from seed to figure out the sex of a plant.
    I've also found that going 12/12 from seed takes about 25 days to sex a plant. Personally, I find 3 weeks of veg and then switching to flowering to be about as fast as a plant can be forced to finish. Took me 11 weeks on an 8 week strain from 12/12, and it took me 11 weeks on the same strain with 3 weeks veg... Except the vegged plant harvested almost 3x as much.

    Still though, it covers the basics, and that's what new growers need to see. I can remember when I didn't know what part of the plant I was smoking, much less that there were male and female plants. The pictures make the thread, especially that early ball shot, probably the earliest I've seen online.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    An excellent review of the most basic info.
    Mel O'Cheddar

    Mel O'Cheddar Active Member

    THANKS! Subbed. Gonna try some "predictions" this afternoon after work. It'll give me something to do.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    Yo goodolboy whats up!? Howd you like the tutorial?

    Cool go ahead and post pictures if you need help, be sure to let us know!
    Thanks man!
    I agree, good information. I edited the first paragraph stating plants usually show between 35 and 45 days. Thanks!

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    well my parents knew for sure from day 1.. .

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    you also cant go wrong with female clones from your local dispensary

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    I was waiting for someone to say this LOL.
    True, i deal with clones, seeds and feminized seeds. i like to breed and having a good male or two every grow makes me smile :)
    spookie child

    spookie child Member

    ok might be a dumb question but will the male pods have hair growing out of it .i mean any chance at all
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    Good guide.
    Im sure everyone can learn something from this.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    Males will not have hairs but females can have balls. When a female grows male parts we call it a hermie meaning hermaphrodite.

    wannaquickee Well-Known Member

    yeah good quality pics. hope this answers some questions for people.

    alan2526 Member

    I read this thread, and I see where aeviaanah said that males will never produce hairs. I just watched a youtube video, with some old dude saying that there can be very fine hairs on the tops of newly sexing males. Can anyone give a second on this? That video was the first time I'd heard that, and that's what lead me here. I've got one that's going into flower tomorrow (~day 38-39), and there is a super thin hair stretching across the node space (from what looks like 1 stipule traveling across the node space and having a tiny tip barely reaching a stipule directly across the node space)<-if that makes any sense. It appears that a flower is coming up through what I thought was a stipule, but now upon further research realize it could be a pistillate preflower. Well, please comment about this, and thanks in advance for anyone that does.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    yea ive never seen that but that doesnt mean its not true. i would just flip the lights and keep an eye. you have plenty of time before males release pollen anyway

    DumpsterKeeper Well-Known Member

    This seems like an appropriate thread for my question:

    I'm not quite sure if I have a boy or a girl here. I could have sworn I saw a pistil, but it was so tiny I can't be sure. The macro on my camera doesn't work too well, but can anyone here tell if I have a male or female at this point?

    The plant is a Mango bagseed on day 13 of 12/12

    20110310203538.jpg 20110310203448.jpg 20110310203433.jpg

    Thanks guys!

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    i couldnt see any signs of a male or female. take a few more pictures...either more clear or in a few days.

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