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Setup for 12 plants

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by greenearth5, Jan 22, 2011.


    greenearth5 Well-Known Member

    What would be a good semi-discrete apartment setup for a reoccurring harvest of having a max of 12 plants with 6 in flowering? Soil or Hydro? Should I have 2 grow tents? What about growing style? Should I start with clones?

    mjthoughts Member

    I just recently set up a completely sealed room for my next grow. The idea of a sealed room is that you have no exchange of air, no intake or exhaust fans. You keep the room temperature down by running an inline fan ducted through your sealed hood sucking cool air from outside the tent and once its blows through the sealed hood it exhaust the hot air outside the grow room. If it is still to hot you will need to run a dual hose portable a/c to keep the temperature perfect. Since you have no fresh air coming in you will need to run co2 tanks to keep the air co2 rich. In a 5x5 sealed room a 20lb co2 tank should last a week. 20lb co2 tanks cost 20 dollars to fill so at 20 dollars a week thats 80 dollars a month to run co2. co2 increases yields as well. I run a 1000watt hps lamp with 12 plants flowering under it in a 4x4 grow space in 2gallon pots. I grow hydro using the ebb and gro system made by CAP. Then you need a fan inside the grow room circulating the air within the room to prevent mold from the air not moving. Also you will need a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the location of the grow room.
    Hash Lover

    Hash Lover Well-Known Member

    Try using autoflowering strains. you can do a perpetual harvest, harvesting about every 2 weeks or so. And it can all be done in 1 area since veg and flower can be done in the same room. And since you don't have so many finishing at the same time it helps keep the smell down.

    Bauks Well-Known Member


    tendran Active Member

    For anyone that's renting I recommend doing some sort of cabinet grow that will blend a little better than a humming tent.You can do a cabinet build and just have a large floor fan nearby and turn it on when you need to "disguise" the sound for an inspection or maintenance.

    I'm working on a wooden cab, it's currently not the prettiest thing yet, but the next version will be designed according to eye appeal, better stealth as well as efficiency. It's possible to run a 400w in a cabinet with an adequate setup and using a perpetual harvest you could, as the above poster said, be harvesting every couple weeks, or set it up to harvest however often you want.

    I don't think I will ever do the autoflower thing, or aim for a 1 week harvest (not unless I have a bigger grow space someday). I'm only planning to do 6 "cycles", with a harvest every 2-3 weeks (depending if I do a sog or scrog). I am using the simplest hydro method available, and cheapest, hempy buckets. I went with coco over perlite though for it's ability to retain moisture so I was less worried about plants drying out too quick before I could save them. Since I switched to the hempy bucket I have seen an huge increase in growth over the old "container with holes in the bottom for drainage". I would not recommend soil, personally.. But that's just my preference. If you do go that grow, please do it right. I think they call it super soil grows or something? I was reading about it on another site a little but didn't interest me.

    Edit: Oh, and co2 does help plant growth but I find just spending time in the same room as the intake will provide a decent amount of Co2.. The co2 levels in my room with my windows closed gets up to about 1200-1400ppm in a relatively short time span. If your grow room is separated from society though, then yes you might want to consider supplementing it somehow as another poster said.
    Hash Lover

    Hash Lover Well-Known Member

    Hey Bauks, liked your video. i didn't watch all but you did a nice job. You mentioned that is you had plants that could finish in 8 weeks ? You could do autos and produce a lot more than you are now. I do autos in soil and get 1-3 ozs per plant from seed to harvest in 8-9 weeks on average. You do the math on that one. But the auto's don't always play fair. Some seed I got that were supposed to be auto were not. And it really messed up the schedule, but some of the plants are huge. I've got buds that are larger than your plants. But that's not what I wanted. When all is going well in my 3x6 closet with I can get 3-9 oz every 2 weeks. The reason I use soil is because to me it can be a lot less work, less electricity and quite. But I do use good soil and nutes, I don't skimp on those. I think the 1200w for the space also helps the yield.

    Bauks Well-Known Member

    If you watched the Above Video With the small plants that's not normal lol..I have 50+ Videos On this setup That was one of my more recent Ones... .. That was some Fucky Stuff that happened a few weeks back Finally made it to harvest time ..... That tall one In the center Should be what they all look like .....No Both my Strains Take 10 / 13 weeks to finish flowering, I was saying If I had a strain that finished In 8 weeks I wouldn't need my Awkward Preflower Section Of my Grow...... We get 1-3 Oz A week With that setup (tho the next couple weeks are a lil pinched due to error on my part At least It only 1 week till the next harvest and not 3 months) Soil Would be a lot less work For Sure ( at least in the flowering tent ) I have Used it Before In there..... Usually I hate dealing with it ... It's messy and getting rid if It Weekly In winter Is An Odd Sign Of a grow I don't want to give away :)


    brownbusta Well-Known Member

    This is a progression of my closet grows over the years. Same closet, rather large, but since you said 12 plants you can reference either side of the closet for organic soil vs. ebb and flow hydro on the right. Final grows I went with a 2x4 tent because it allowed me to control the envoronment better ie humidity venitlation res temps etc. I was also able to take half of my closet back =) Since those days I am in a better, much safer place than a condo with two walls one ceiling and one floor shared with 4 different neighbors. Be safe is my number one priority.

    uhoh 194.jpg uhoh 263.jpg blaze 009.jpg treez 004.jpg treez 005.jpg trees 018.jpg DSC02244.jpg DSC02246.jpg DSC02250.jpg
    Hash Lover

    Hash Lover Well-Known Member

    Nice setup and nice buds too !!

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