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setting up a small grow box

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stonemalone, Aug 27, 2011.


    stonemalone Active Member

    alright lads, gonna be setting up a small grow box using cfl lights for a m8 and was wondering if you guys could give me any advice.
    gonna be starting out from cuttings and growing 2 to 4 plants still undecided yet. how big a spac will he need for the first 6 weeks of growing? thinking of using a small cupboard to start with but not sure how many bulbs to use, would 2 be enough to start with for him?

    koulajitong Active Member


    You want full spectrum CFL's with the highest Lumen rating possible 6500K.

    You want to get the largest ones you can 42w + 65 is better. A friend of mine uses two 125w.

    You can have a small chamber but you will want more than just a couple lights in there if you want any kind of yield.

    Venting will be a problem. Vent your hot our out on top and vent your cool air in from the bottom.



    Xcon Active Member

    2 lights will be fine for the first week, after that you should add at least 4 more (23-26w) leaving you with 150w for 2 plants. At the minimum, you want 100w for one plant and 50w for each additional.

    23-26w cfls put out more lumens per watt than larger bulbs and are cheaper overall, but require more sockets. I built my 16 bulb cfl rig using $2 sockets and $1 extension cords. 5600k for veg, 2700k for flower... a lot of people use a mix for both stages. Good Luck!

    stonemalone Active Member


    TechnoMage Well-Known Member

    Tell me how much vertical space you have to veg and how much you have to flower, I'll tell you how much light you need.

    I only flower 2-3 plants at a time right now. Here's a shot of my latest grow.
    Bushy 8-27-2011 7-22-42 PM.jpg

    For my situation, 3x55w compact T5s work best for me in a little 24"wide x 15" deep x 36" high Home Depot special.
    Veg cab 7-17-2011 12-55-46 AM.jpg

    I'm actually rebuilding things this weekend. I'm going to keep this small cab for mothers and picked up another Home Depot model that is the same width and depth but is 72" high. I'm going to use the top 24" for a starting clones area and the bottom 48" will be the veg area. I'll stick with the 3x55w compact T5 for the veg area but am switching to 2x14w T5s for the starting clone area.

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