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Setting up 12 plant cycled grow room...a few light questions

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by IIReignManII, Dec 22, 2010.


    IIReignManII Member

    I'm currently preparing for a move up to Colorado. After settling in and obtaining my MMJ card, I plan on setting up my grow room and honing my craft to work towards becoming a caregiver. I have some time to prepare, so I would like to purchase all my hardware and materials before moving, that way I dont have to worry about purchasing everything after I move. The amount of plants I'll legally be able to grow is 12, so I would like to set it up where I am harvesting 4 plants a month in a continuous cycle. Im sure some of you are caregivers, so if you would like to give me a quick rundown of how you do this, feel free :D

    Being organized/prepared is important to me, so I'd like to get a shopping/hardware list of everything I will need to collect before I move, not including seeds/soil/nutrients which I will buy when I arrive.

    For my flower room, I would be flowering four plants at a time. In your personal opinions, would it be best to have one larger light for all four, or two smaller lights? Would a single 1000w HPS be sufficient? Im trying to set this up as money efficient as I can at first, and can upgrade later as I get off my feet.

    For my veg room, I was just thinking about using a smaller single MH light...maybe a 400w? Vegging 4 plants doesn't seem like it would need a ton of light.

    And for my seeding area, I was just thinking about using one of those Sun Blaze 96W T5 units. I've seen them used in many grofiles and they seem to perform well.

    Lights are generally the most important/expensive part of the grow op, so I'd like to make sure I get sufficient materials the first time. I've tried doing my research and I believe this setup would be just fine for my purposes...just looking for some reassurance. Thanks guys!

    webb107 Well-Known Member

    About the 1 large light or two smaller, i would personally go for 2 600w lights as the coverage and Lumens per square foot will be much better as a result increasing yeilds.

    As for the vegeing a 400w Mh will be fine

    IIReignManII Member

    Cool man...thanks! I was also curious about using one of those reflective grow tents as my flower area so I can flower and veg in the same room without photoperiod conflict. What size tent would be recommended for four flowing plants?

    webb107 Well-Known Member

    Well it all depends on how big u want them to be, for 2 600w's i would say 4x4 tent

    dudeface Active Member

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