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Sending drugs via usps

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by socal*bud, Aug 6, 2007.


    socal*bud Active Member

    How would u send drugs like bud and shrooms through the mail without them getting confenscated? I have some people i want to ship things to, but i dont want them to get wasted and thrown away by usps.


    Sabud Well-Known Member

    ok get a pet cat, get a tampon shove it all in the tampon shove the tampon way up the cats anus. come around usps byt the time the cat is dead that means the tampon crap weed is good still

    socal*bud Active Member

    Any helpful posts?

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    What you need to be doing is thinking about smell.

    Your way for combating this, is to bag the weed up
    and the wrap it wrap it and wrap it again, once it has been wrapped several times put it in something like a scented nappy bag, these things are to diguise the smell of shit so they are good, and then put that inside a dvd case and then wrap again.

    I can't express the importance of overwrapping, if its going to take them half hour to get into it, they want a good reason.

    socal*bud Active Member

    So if a put it in 50 zip lock bags (not that i would) and burned the bags airtight closed, they woudl be good?

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    yeah pretty much

    The other thing to think about is how the package feels, thats why i said to put it in a dvd case.

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    Whats your av, american history x?

    BIGMIKE13 Well-Known Member

    jar of peanut butter
    Stoned Bhudda

    Stoned Bhudda Well-Known Member

    Drugs via ups? Label it something nasty... like grandma's cremation... nobody is gunna look in there. Or slap a phatty bio-hazard sighn on it... although tht probibly more likey to get searched.

    Make sure you put no return adress on it

    For weed, id send it rolled up insde of a dvd case
    Mush grind them up into a powder and label it "bloodmeal" that should work.

    Or you could always get the lazy bastards to come to you... that works

    socal*bud Active Member

    yeah. Alright thanks everyone youve been really helpful. I dont understand what you mean by putting it into a dvd case tho?

    Sabud Well-Known Member

    as in putting the bud in a dvd case, what dont u understand

    socal*bud Active Member

    YOur trippin on shrooms, your oppinion doesnt count here :mrgreen:

    momog Member

    look i think u r tryinjg to send in large quantities or some thing of that matter vacum seal your shit in 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb incremints about 3time then put it in a usps frb and ship it make sure u have no bullgy spot s in the box this is just a tip u have an imaginATION USE IT DUMB ASS
    Confidential Herb

    Confidential Herb Active Member


    JustAnotherFriedDay Well-Known Member

    Not much bud can fit in a dvd case. Unless you flatten it....no way.

    BcKuSh99 Well-Known Member

    if you dont understand what they are saying by dvd case, I dont think it would fit.. depending on how much ganj your putting in id say roll up a bunch of joints then put them in a dvd case they can take all the weed out of the joints if they want to after. and the guy that said grind up the mushrooms and say its bloodmeal id go with that.

    gogrow confused

    just be sure to use correct postage so the recieving party doesnt have to go pick it up from the post office ;)

    logzz Active Member

    Ok if there is no return address it gets automatically searched. Do you guys remember anthrax? lol I heard peanut butter works best for nug.

    gogrow confused

    there is no need for all the peanut butter bullshit.... that was for drug dogs, and didnt work for that.... now you're up against "back-scatter" xrays (that can distinguish from organic and inorganic materials) and "particle sniffers", which are MUCH more effective than the nose of a dog....

    just vacuum seal, preferably more than once, box or bubble envelope, mail and pray
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    There are soo many threads on here about this it's ridiculous

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