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Selling to Dispensaries in Colorado?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by hootie233, Nov 8, 2009.


    hootie233 Well-Known Member

    Hey there my friends, can anyone tell me anything about selling my own grown weed at a dispensary? Me and 3 other people were considering growing and then selling the harvest to help pay off some bills. Thanks again, any help is great!

    davemoney Well-Known Member

    same here! anyone know how?

    Philo2 Active Member

    Have you tried going to the dispensaries and asking them if they want to buy your weed?

    I will tell you this. There is an abundance of supply in Colorado right now. My friend put one ad in the Westword for his new dispensary and every call he received was people offering to sell him product, upwards of 100 phone calls. There are more sellers than buyers. You need to have the best product at the best prices.

    smellmyfinger Active Member

    If guys like this keep talking to the press you won't have to worry about it. Also a bill has been introduced making the state the grower. Phone your Colorado law maker now and make sure they know where you stand on this issue!

    Link to idiot with big mouth and pot leaf hat...


    TheDude007 Member

    I can answer this for you, as I've been in to about 20 dispensaries, and work for one.
    Yes, you can sell your extra to any dispensary. They will pay varying prices, based on the quality of your medicine.

    If you plan on regularly selling excess to a dispensary, I would suggest establishing a good working relationship with one and getting to know them.

    MonsterRobot Member

    you can sell to them for sure... but just because you are selling to a dispensary doesn't make it legal... you still need your own patients to cover the plants that you have... some dispensaries have "growers contracts" that they use and you can sell your product to them exclusively...

    I.M.Greenmachine Member

    HERES THE DEAL... first, it really depends on where in colorado you are.. in boulder... the law is up in the air right now. to be safe, dont accept checks for your payment,,(lots of dispensaries are trying to pay with checks, cause it makes them more ligit) cash only! until the next hearing, i believe its in december.

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    Colorado Amendment 20 protection from prosecution (state level that is) does not extend to 'growers' It technically only covers 2 parties: Patient and caregiver. Don't trust ANY dispensaries 'grow contract' to keep you outta jail. If you are named as caregiver for x number patients to cover your plant totals you are much better off. Just my 2 cents, but better safe than jailed.

    fureelz Active Member

    You would be known to a dispensary as a Vendor....not a seller. And as stated above, the best way to become one is to frequent your favorite place showing loyalty and trust...I know a few dispensaries aren't just allowing walk-ins, meaning you need a reference to even make an appointment.

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    It is on a case by case basis, usually the dispensary will have one of their patients sign you over as a caregiver.

    Same advice as everyone else though, take cash only and don't sign anything.

    fureelz Active Member

    Unfortunately you have to sign a few liability forms and what should be HIPPA required forms....for dispensaries trying to sign over caregiver rights can shove it up their asses...they need a temporary source of medicine form which allows patients to receive meds on a temporary basis.

    Shootist Member

    First post. Nice place y'all have here.

    I'm Shootist. I hung out at marihemp marketplace from 2001 until Ron closed it in '08. marketplace was the shitz in its day.

    Anyway. I live in metro Denver and had been wondering about selling to dispensaries. Several of them in my area have signs saying "We buy your plants".

    I have a card and am also have caregiver status for one other. I have yet to ask, but do they want, clones ready to veg or mature plants ready to harvest?

    Someone above said there was too much product here? Dang, some of these places are sell AA for 500/oz?!? Doesn't seem like a glut to me.

    Regards and don't go the way of Overgrow, ya here?

    greenearth5 Well-Known Member

    Same here... im lookin to sell maybe 1/4 pound at a time... will they buy this amount?

    Shootist Member

    I'm thinking that selling 100 clones a week might be easier than selling mature plants or dried herb.

    MonsterRobot Member

    yeah... most of them want variety anyway so that is what they buy... I have seen them go as low as an ounce per purchace... don't expect to get much more than $250/oz tho...

    Shootist Member

    So. Are you saying they don't buy clones?

    greenearth5 Well-Known Member

    250/ounce is a good price for me.... can i sell them clones as well?

    organicmtngrower Member

    You can bring it in to dispensaries and by law they can buy it. It's kind of a grey area though because the law only gives you the right to sell to someone you are a caregiver for.

    I am the buyer for Nature's Way Wellness Center in Colorado Springs and we love seeing what vendors have to offer. We have over 50 strains so if it's bomb we will buy it. Hit us up through the web-site http://www.natureswaymeds.com

    TheReleafCenter Member

    We generally don't like to get less than a pound at a time, but if it's good we'll get a QP. 2000 W32nd Ave in Denver.
    pikes peak 69

    pikes peak 69 Well-Known Member

    The law does NOT say you can only sell to someone that you caregive for. Read it again.
    I say that the law states that any transaction that is "medical marijuana" is protected from prosecution.

    (d) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, no person, including a patient or primary care-giver, shall be entitled to the protection of this section for his or her acquisition, possession, manufacture, production, use, sale, distribution, dispensing, or transportation of marijuana for any use other than medical use.



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