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Selling To Dispensaries In Colorado

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by Budhists, Aug 18, 2009.


    Budhists Member

    My husband and I have lived in Colorado for a couple of years now and just recently recieved our cards. We both have several years of growing experience and were considering opening up our own dispensary here on the western slope but after looking into it it seems like quite a bit to go through and with having no contacts here at all seems like a far fetch. That being said we are now considering just selling to the dispensaries in the area and possible running an at home delivery service from our home. What we were wondering is if we do sell to the dispensaries here in town will we be made the caretaker for some people so we can grow more than the 6 plants that are allowed or will we have to find our own people to be caretakers over? And if thats the case and we start to do an at home delivery service will we have to register as a business in order to be taxed properly. We want to do this all by the book and be very legal in everything we do but there is so much grey area in the laws it makes it hard to know what the right steps are to take. We just want to be able to help people that are in need with services we're confidant we can provide. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Lucydog Active Member

    It depends on the dispensary.

    My friend worked out a deal with the Trichome Health Consultants in Colorado Springs, where he would grow for them, and they would provide him with 10 additional cards.

    After they told him he was signed up, he started his grow of 24 plants. Once he finished, he started to worry that they never signed him up with the state. I told him to call the registry and ask about his status as a caregiver. He was right, they never signed him up.

    So he went back to the dispensary, at first acting like everything was cool. They expected him to front a pound to them. When he told them he would not sell to them, and he knew that they lied to him, guess what their response was?

    "The registry is not supposed to give you that information!!!"

    (The state can give you information on *how many* patients are listed to you, but not the patient's personal information.)

    The moral of the story is be careful. Before you start growing for any dispensaries, make sure they actually sign you up. I would also recommend going in and 'secret shopping' the places you are considering working with. Do they make patients sign over their card to them just to turn around and overcharge them for low-quality pot?

    If you can find your own patients, I would highly recommend going that route.

    nobodyelse Member

    if you want to partner up let me know, i got 40 acres, am thinking about a greenhouse.

    nobodyelse Member

    i want to learn about all these rules as well, about to get out of the military and have suffered from chronic back pain for years since being blown up in iraq. i live an hour from springs and am serious about a greenhouse or even hydro, erespond when you learn stuff and we will see what the future holds.

    shq Member

    I'm confused, a dispensary can only grow and sell if it has patients? How do you become/open a dispensary if you have no patients and are not a care giver?

    JohnQPub Member

    Read the actual amendment maybe?

    TheDude007 Member

    If you want to sell to a dispensary you had better do what someone earlier suggested, make sure they actually make you a caregiver for X number of patients.
    After the recent court ruling, I wouldn't say that is a good idea though. I think your only way to get in to this business at this time is to get to know each patient you intend to supply with their medicine. If you don't know your patients, you could be getting yourself in a lot of legal trouble.
    I am doing this for a living now, and so is a friend of mine who is doing it for 40 patients and both of us all know our patients firsthand. No need for a dispensary at all.
    A dispensary means your selling to people you don't know, and running an office you don't need. Grow it, sell it to the patients your a caregiver for.
    That's all you gotta do. If you don't have patients, it's just like any other business...find them!

    MrWannabe Active Member

    Is there any legal paperwork needed between a care giver and their patients or is it OK to just hold their med card/paperwork at the garden? Wondering how involved it was?

    oregon024 Active Member

    over here we have many websites just for state cardholders to help find each other and recent state info on medical cannubus.you guys check with norml in colorado i'm sure as more and more joine everywere the more grown the better just find the right path good luck!

    spl1 Active Member

    It is best to find your own people to grow for, non of the dispensaries I have dealt with in the last two years help the growers out. Not only that they try every time to get you to drop your prices.
    They even claim the other guys sell it to them at that price, it is a lie, just tell them there is no hard sale here I just visit the next one down the street.

    If you want any of there people they will sell you a list of names that do not belong to them any more.

    I stated mine as an in-home health care biz and had them sign me up as there legal care giver, Then I charge them for every visit I make as labor time and they get free meds when I visit. I am legal with the state and I have a 1099 as a home health care biz for the federal side of things.

    I have even added employees to help with the in-home part of the regular elderly that we have signed on. It is like baby sitting for grownups.

    My staff cook them meals, help clean up the house, do some laundry, and take care of there needs.

    ackerman22 Member

    enytime when your thinking,and wheres you land at

    talon Well-Known Member

    That's pretty airtight sounding, you might want to take that down before feds find a way to take food off your table

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