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Seeking caregiver with "clean" product

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by AMcB, Nov 30, 2016.


    AMcB New Member

    Hi everyone. I got my card due to debilitating chronic lyme disease. In addition to this I have developed some mold and chemical sensitivities. This is why I am looking for a caregiver that grows mold/pesticide free cannabis. I know this can be difficult but I would like to find someone who grows in a clean environment and knows what they are doing. I hope someone can reach out to me and we can meet up soon. I live in Southern RI but am willing to travel. Thanks!
    col. phorbin

    col. phorbin Active Member

    Any luck? I'm a grower, just moved back from the Bay Area. Years of experience. I live in Narragansett, looking to be a caregiver. Let's collaborate.

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