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Seedsman seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by NoSaint, Jan 11, 2009.


    NoSaint Well-Known Member

    Whats the general opinions out there on seedsmans seeds? I got his white widow and am waiting for his purple bud to arrive. Are his genetics good, average, poor? I've never grown any of his stuff. Anyone have any reviews on either of these strains or any suggestions towards what his better strains are?


    I'm thinking ordering his Ata Tundra seeds. Anyone ever grown this?


    NoSaint Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any input they feel like sharing?
    Rocky Top High

    Rocky Top High Well-Known Member

    I have been growing seedsman WW for over a year and it is one of my all time favorites. Nice resin coated buds that will absolutely make your mouth water. They are very strong and vigorous and it clones very easily.

    I grow in soil and I veg them for about 8 weeks and then flower for 9-10 weeks. The harvest is about 1.5-2 OZ's. I do a perpetual grow with Kali Mist, Afghan Kush and AK47 and my friends like the buzz of the WW above everything else other than Kali. One word of advice, they really suck up the K.

    Good luck and I believe you will love the Seedsman WW. It will remain in my lineup for quite sometime.

    happyface Well-Known Member

    aaawwww man i wish i would have caught this tread earlier. the White Widow from seedsman was my 1st grow.most the pics are in my journal.ill upload a few.

    it was a good experience and glistened with white crystals as advertised. i also grew Master Kush from Dutch passion.it tasted alot better. but im pretty sure thats because of the way i dried it out. but yea i would say tere good stuff.

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    Skeksis Well-Known Member

    Will seedsman ship to the US? On their site it says no, but you know how that goes sometimes. Just wondering
    if anyone has gotten a successful order to the states?


    grind Well-Known Member

    the white widow is sick, ata tundra is garbage. The only thing i'd ever buy from seedsman in white widow, i grew the northern lights and it was shit too.

    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    Ive read that the tundra has some tall phenos but never anything "BAD" about them I have 3 WW from them and they are frosty ass hell and sticky to the touch and im still three weeks from harvest. I just ordered tundr from dope-seeds as well as narkush cant wait hope its as good as the white widow.

    makani Member

    I purchased 10 ea of Seedsman's WW and NL....50% germinated...50% NL were Fem...On the WW only 8 seeds were even viable by eye..one was quite white and dimpled, another cracked...obviously not well checked by eye before shipping...only one of the WW produced a Female....of 5 that cracked...one herm...3 males... I complained via email to "Tom" at sedsman who took my order nos and proof of purchase...2 months later no replacement seeds... I will NOT buy seedsman seeds again
    Attitude included 5 free seeds...all cracked...all females...The Blueberry gum is ready for harvest and looking sweet...

    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    seedsman seeds white widow is by far the best knock-off white widow available. i had 5 beans of regular white widow early this year only one turned out male which died for not remembering i had a male that i am planning to pollinate on one of the females. there northern lights arent as good though

    hempstead Well-Known Member

    I am growing seedsman skunk no.1 right now and she is pretty smelly and very easy to grow. That is all I can tell you right now. But she looks great and smells delicious.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I grew seedsman seeds Velvet Bud, i grew 3 of them, and they were almost identical in every way. The high was very mellow and not super potent but very very nice. The strain completely lived up to the description, it said it was purple remastered for a smooth flavor and smoke over color, and it did. It was very very smooth and nice and lavender smelling. The potency wasn't uber but it also wasn't bad at all. very very smooth high, but me personally I like a little kick. I would say their stuff most likely fits their descriptions to a T if that one strain was any judge of their stuff. I'd guess they are very legit.

    oh yeah, the yield was not heavy but it wasn't small at all. it was absolute medium yield.

    gudkarma New Member

    ata tundra shit?

    hmmmm... i smoke sour d as regs & got 46 afghan kush on the tables as i write.

    ata is great. flowers fast. grows vigerously. prefllowers quickly, & buds are dense like rocks with a lemony yet piney smell.

    great smoke imo.

    and, if grown PROPERLY, is quite nice.

    i get super germ rate from seedsman seeds too.
    would love to try the widow based on what i read here & the jungle wreck.

    shit, if you got the skills, you only need one nice female out of a pack.

    just because seedsman doesn't hang a dick in your ass for the price of a pack of beans doesn't mean his gear is bunk.

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    ce1esv Well-Known Member

    I've had from Seedsman Skunk # 1fem. and WWfem. now I have OHaze.
    Skunk # 1, filled with resin, tight buds with a sweet odor, powerful.
    WW, lots of resin, very big buds, smell sweet, powerful

    regards to all

    Rongway Member

    I've got 4 'girls' goin' right now from seedsman. Mama Mia strain, we'll see how they turn out.

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    had the widow, i now have narkush..

    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    agreed...the best knock-off strain white widow would be from seedsman seeds. there northern lights are garbage, there hawaiian skunk is not as potent but good for daytime smoking and girls loving it. overall if im on a budget here ill get seedsman seeds other than nirvana

    bblunt Well-Known Member

    I've grown his Skunk #1 and Nemesis. The Nem was mediocre with a weird taste and decent sativa high. The Skunk was much better. I got 5/5 fem seeds to germ, and I grew out 4. One was killed as a seedling by me accidentally. Out of the four that grew, three were excellent and one was kind of a runt. Of the three keepers, two had a great grape/fruity smell while growing and smoking. The other one had a nice "juicy fruit" smell. Lotsa resin. The yield was medium-high. I didn't weigh it, but I got nice sized colas off 150W HPS after topping and training. The smoke was smooth and tasty, and the effects were on the sativa side. I'm running other strains now but will definitely grow this again, and will try his WW too.

    Sometimes Active Member

    seedsman = good genetics imo.

    i have 3 mama mias going right now in my current grow, i have also grown out northern soul and it was a very good yielder.

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    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    always had really good experiences with seedsman strains love the price obviously.

    this is power africa at 8wks and not treated with much tlc ive found alot of the seedsman fem strains are very strong hardy plants and will take alot of abuse and error.

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    catmando Well-Known Member

    i know this thread is old but ive got a major complaint about the ata tundra!

    I live in MN and it is the first of september and my ata tundra plants have yet to begin flowering. my AK48 and Northern lights have been flowering for about 3 weeks.

    First frost on average is on the first of october so im totally fucked for the tundra plants, guess they will be BHO or hash

    Kinda dissapointed because i thought that these would be the plants that would certainly make it, i guess i was wrong!

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