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Seeds won't germinate

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by djwaters22, May 7, 2007.


    djwaters22 Well-Known Member

    i had 2 seeds (all i had) and put them in a paper towel folded. then i put half an ounce of water in the cup. i put the white paper towel in the water, but JUST the corner. i waited 3 days, and nothing happened. so then i tryed again and put the whole paper towel in the half ounce on water. still nothing. now my seeds are totally wet, does this means there dead? also the seeds were dark black/brown.
    Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow Well-Known Member

    I don't know how to answer this but I will try.

    Using the method you are using also check this.

    They need to be warm and dark. Not hot.

    When I use the paper towel method I do this.

    Get the towel wet and put the seeds between the layers with the towel laying in a saucer. Then I place something over the paper towel to block the light and slow evaporation. Place the whole thing in a warm place. Kitchen cabinet. Then wait 1 - 4 days. Sometimes longer but not often.

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    djwaters22 Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro, questin though. does the paper towel go in the water? or just like a corner of it. and im afrid my seeds might be ruined, because i put them in the intire water the 2nd time, cause the first corner thing did not work. i tryed this in a cabnet in my closet, which gets cold at night, so u think try under my bed?
    Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow Well-Known Member

    Some people soak their seeds in water 24 hrs before they put them in dirt.

    If the temp don't drop below 70d f they should be ok.

    Keep the paper towel real moist or a little wet.

    Warm and dark is the thing. It will be ok just wait ( The hard part )

    djwaters22 Well-Known Member

    is their ne signs that my seeds r broken, like to know if im wasting my time? id look at them right now but im at work right now lol
    Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow Well-Known Member

    If they are mashed or cut or something like that.

    If the are dark/light brown (not grey or green) and not more than 10 years old they are prob ok

    djwaters22 Well-Known Member

    so the fact that i let them be wet for 3 days is ok? sweet :) i love this palce. thx alf
    Desired User Name

    Desired User Name Well-Known Member

    They're probably still good if there was no mold on them. I think Moon Shadow is suggesting you wet the paper towels directly instead of dipping them in water. I use about 10 sprays from a spray bottle on each paper towel when I germ his way. Try germing the seeds in just lukewarm water(keep them in a thermos) if Moon Shadow's method doesn't work for you. Make sure the seeds are in a very dark place.

    Twistedbrowneyes Member

    What if the seeds are gray or green? Is there any treatment that can sterilize bag seeds?

    allamay1608 Active Member

    i want to know the same thing

    theseedofweed Member

    Alright so jus leave yur seeds in a wet paper towel not to were it is dripping but to where its wet. Then get yur seeds and put it in the paper towels. Then put yur seeds in a plastic baggy take all air out butt dont crush yur babys then put yur seeds in a warm location but no sunlight kkk???

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