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Seeds Vs Clones

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by pppfemguy, Apr 8, 2008.


    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    ok so in this thread i want people to put their opinions on whats better clones or seeds like whats the pros and cons of seeds?? and whats the pros and cons of clones??

    pacman Well-Known Member

    depends on what your doin, clones are I'd say better than seeds in any case except breeding or guerrilla and even guerrilla unless you have the liberty of carrying a box to your site

    Taylor Active Member

    yea clones you know its a female where seeds are 50/50

    kittybitches Well-Known Member

    feminized seeds alow you to find variants of your favorite strain, while clones will most likely be from another clone from a clone......and so forth. i have berry white from paradise seeds, and so far, i have 1 sativa phenotype, and the other two exhibit strong indica traits. im all for growing from seed and finding a "keeper" or two to clone.
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    donkeyballs Well-Known Member

    clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones clones

    you know what your getting.

    dbpmatrix Active Member

    yes clones are good but I love starting from seed bc after sprouting in the first 3 month of seeds there is 50% more growth than a clone after transplant.there are pros and cons of everything though but I will always stay away from feminized seed thats a fact

    Puff Well-Known Member

    Yea I was reading that seeds grow faster than clones, and F1 hybrid seeds (first crossed generation) will grow 25% faster than their parent seeds. Something to due with hybrid vigor. But clones give you the advantage of knowing ahead of time what your going to end up with. Plus everything grows at the same rate, ripens at the same rate.

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    why dont u like feminized seeds dude

    MsMILFweed Well-Known Member

    I personally like seeds. I find they grow much quicker from day one (compared to a clone) I love the vigor of newly planted seeds. Plus if you grow the plant out without any type of topping it looks like a beautiful xmas tree. I find clones don't have the perfect uniformity of a plant from seed.

    But then, with clones if you have them all prepared beforehand you can have some really quick grows with SOG or SCROG faster than seeds.

    It's all down to what you like.
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    Puff Well-Known Member

    Cloning can take longer if your just setting up. I just spend more than 3 weeks vegging some seedlings. Out of the 6, 3 were growing circles around the rest. So I just cloned those. Now Ill wait a week, once I know they have rooted I will flower the parent. If any of the parents are girls, now I have more of the same already growing with their 3rd or 4th set of leaves. I say thats a huge head start. You need seperate flower and veg room if you work with clones. That's the price you pay. But clone growers can probably harvest 2 times as much in the same period of time.

    dbpmatrix Active Member

    I have had problems getting two sexes on one plant when I would by fem seeds. I keep 6 mothers and just buy normal seeds of strains to try now. Ive got good strains so I'm happy anyways

    RandomJesus Well-Known Member

    CLONES take the best plant from your seeds clone it then you have a bunch of best plants.
    PPPfemguy, I thought I'd tell you that my favorite Mother plant is a PPP feminized.
    I love that plant. and all the little clones from her.


    RandomJesus Well-Known Member

    I love fem plants, won't get anything else...well maybe
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    besides picking out males which gets easy after a while i would say i prefer seeds they just grow so much faster and just have more life in them currently im doing both. clones are great for preserving prized genes exactly. with seeds you get different phenos and such. i just seem to do better w seeds:peace:

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Clones have the advantage of being uniformed and all famale!
    Seeds aren't always advisable to flower! Its best to find a female and clone her! More so with sativa dominant vars. So take clones root and flower for uniformed grow! seeds can be un uniformed uncontrollable more often grow bigger. But off course they were seed once!
    if you want to know whats best is get a pack of good seeds find a good female to keep as a mum and you should be able to harvest every 8-10 weeks from clone. when seed will be around 12-14 weeks.
    Regular seeds are always best for this as they carry higher amount of true females (fem seed were designed to get rid of the clone farmer hit-harvest not be mums)

    Its much better with clones as you lose a good % of time IE Thai from seed 16+ but from Clone 14-16 weeks
    Widow Clones - 11 weeks from the mum thats 1-2 weeks growth 9-10 weeks bloom..

    Go with seed until you find a good female that represents the strain then either discard the seed plant or keep as mum and mass clone for easy manageable uniformed crops
    seeds can have their advantage when considering finding a new mom. always go for faster flowering potent high yielding plants. This is were choseing a good reputable seed company comes into play (spend on quality genetics it makes sense although some can be obtained at fare prices).
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    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Ever thought about why the best breeders dont do fem (some are now only because of people asking but some dont like them)
    Their the evil of the seed business!
    No such thing as 100% female seeds you can get the same results from reg seed if you do things right. With reg seed their not self breed with herm pollen.
    Serious maybe releasing some soon but not buy choice. as Simon said he despises them but thinks their a good idea for them who can grow reg seed and keep them fem and also them without space for mums-clones otherwise they wouldn't be doing them.
    What makes things worse is company's sell them as an answer to all female crops when keeping them female is a challenge not something a new grower should think about. Finding a true female in a pack of regular is better than finding 5 from 5 fem seeds. Fem seeds have no real good points
    Their not reliable for parent stock, their made with self (hermie) pollen and carry alot of mutation from over inbreeding (DP Blueberry for example).

    Their only good if their free!
    Mind in saying that I have seen them Dutch Quality not DP same price as regular for Strawberry Smile (Strawberry Cough) White weed ( White Widow) Mazari Skunk( Mazar)
    Skunk#1(Skunk#1) all the same price as the regular from DP same company did have some regular lines like - bubbleberry, White Russian - 27 - Moroccan hash but unsure if their gonna be listing them at london seeds
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    Bud Lightyear

    Bud Lightyear Member

    Like the Comment, Puff. "Everything grows and ripens at same rate"
    Just the answer I was looking for
    For a newbie like myself I will need that.

    Thanks a lot

    From clone to harvest of Great White Shark. Any ideas on times of veg then flowering?
    I havenĀ“t even began to think about nutrients and soils yet, but have 600w lamps
    I am led to believe that 1 lamp will be good for 6 plants

    Thanks for any help you can give.


    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    prety much seeds are gr8 to find a good mom of a new steain to clone from.. probs wit seeds r when u flower u have to watch for males, pollen etc.. once u eliminate the males and identify e female that has characteristics u want. turn that plant into a mother.. then it becomes easy learn to clone and u never have to worry about sexing until u want to start a new strain.. so in short seeds r good to start cloning.. so u can find a mother to clone from.. but i would always rather clone then start from seed

    mossad420 Member

    I can see why people would say they prefer clones, but I personally have tried reg seeds, and fem seeds, growing them out without taking clones, and also tried saving mothers and taking clones.

    There is nothing wrong with either method, each has its advantages and disadvantages. I will however say that the people who diss feminised seeds maybe have not tried them from a breeder who has perfected feminising. Ive heard alot of hermi stories from Dutch Passion. Also ive heard people say fem seeds dont have the vigor, and you can't clone them as well as reg seeds. This too, is bs as far as i've seen. My clones from fem seeds grew out as well as clones from reg seeds. Again, this could depend on the breeders feming techniques.

    I personally like to grow from fem seed every batch. I find seeds grow quicker and stronger. I also like to run 3-6 strains each grow, sometimes just 1 plant of each. Using fem seeds allows me to do this while keep my garden organized and no extra energy, space, nutes, grow medium etc is used on males. I only take clones/save a mother if I find a special pheno. I have not had a single hermie using fem seeds from Greenhouse, and I'm relatively new so Ive stressed a few of them pretty hard with temps etc.

    The main disadvantage of my method is the cost of seeds. But still, I'd rather spend this money and have the extra space, know what im getting with the fem seeds.

    WidowShamus Well-Known Member

    I don't like clones for this insane reason. If we had the technology to cut off an arm and grow one back that would be great. But if we could cut off an arm and grow a body from that, it would be wierd! Cloning is cool but the plant has no soul. Really, female seeds for me. Never had a hermie or male out of 50 or so feminized seeds.
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