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Seeds in some buds. What do I do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Ketzakwatl, Apr 14, 2010.


    Ketzakwatl Member

    I have an indoor plot that is 5' x 11' growing 21 plants. Six weeks into flowering, I noticed a few seeds in some buds at one of the corners of the plot. Looking closer, I saw that some buds were entirely seeds, and some others just had a couple of seeds in them. On the other side of the room, none of the buds have any seeds, zero. I'm trying to figure out what happened here and what needs to be done now.

    4 weeks ago the males that were part of this plot were taken out and destroyed. My thought is that a young pollen sack must have opened up in this area before it left, and the neighboring ladies picked up what little was there. These plants were grown from seed, and half of them became male, so they must not be feminised seeds. I've inspected every node on every branch and have not seen any side of a herm. But only one of two things could have happened, right? Either a herm is in the area, or pollen from a past male dropped before being removed.

    Would plants only just now grow seeds if they had been pollinated 4 weeks ago? And could the other plants be following with seeds soon? Or has the damage been done and any pollen in the room has already found its home? I need to know if I should destroy these plants, cut off any seeded branches, or something else.

    Buddreams Active Member

    you should look for "bananas" they typically develop on plants that are "over ripe" I have had some experience with these pollen sacs. here is a picture from my library.

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    jphezz Well-Known Member

    send me the seeds or plant them your self.....That is the only logical thing to do....LOL

    9oh4 Member

    l m a o... true story!

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    I'll bet its a hermie/s, they can hide inside buds and you'll never notice unless you look for them and by the time you see seeds starting its too late. even if you dont see any male flowers it doesnt mean their were never any there, even the smallest little bud leafs of dense buds could hide cluster of bananas.

    mrdrywall Active Member

    6 wks into flower whats done is done u got a good seed stash i would let everything finish out it happened to me a yr ago

    SmokesLikeBob Well-Known Member

    if you suspect it was from a male, and you want to prevent further impregnation, you should probably vacuum your space thoroughly, but hopefully the plant thats been impregnated was pollinated by a hermie and not by itself, or a male, so that way you got yourself some feminized seeds!

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    rep to this guy for a perfect answer and having 420 posts

    smppro Well-Known Member

    I doubt the plants are overripe at 6 weeks so that probably not the right answer, 6 weeks in pretty far, just let them finish and youll have plenty of seeds to plant.

    mrdrywall Active Member

    no doubt...

    Ketzakwatl Member

    Thanks all. Not sure what the problem is yet but hoping it was just a nasty little herm in there that did it. Cheers.

    OhGr Active Member

    But for real, you could send me some seeds. lol

    dikiets420 Member

    ill take ur seeds for ya :)

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