seeds in rockwool. How long?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by korn534, Feb 2, 2009.


    korn534 Well-Known Member

    i just put my seeds in rockwool cubes and wwas wondering how long (about) does it take before i see something sprout out the top? i know it can take anywhere from a day to a week for a seed to germ but about how long before i actuallt see something sprout through the rockwool? Also how often do you water them? i hear see how heavy they are when wet then when you check them and they feel lite then water them but i have them in a prop tray so i cant pick up the cube to see how heavy it is. should i just touch the top of the rockwool and if it seems dry water them?

    lstme Well-Known Member

    i'm wondering the same thing

    growxbud Well-Known Member

    its not good to grow in rockw. they have no nutri. and dry ot quickly but if you must know it will be about 3 days till you see something sprout it not longer.

    cannaman2.5 Well-Known Member

    Sorry,but i do disagree with you on that.Rockwool is a great way to start seeds.I condition my rockwool with europonic 24 hrs before i start my seeds.Its also good to soak your seeds in water the night before you put them in cubes.Once the seeds are in the cubes i put them in a starter tray with a dome and set them in the dark and you may wait 1-2 weeks pending on the seeds before they pop

    growxbud Well-Known Member

    im not saying there not good for starting seeds but the rock wool has absolutly no nutri, so when they got to put in a bigger pot the rock wool will still be there so it will be a bad move if you ask me soils just easier for some people and rock wool and hydro ponics for others.

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