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Seeds in buds?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Potgrower3345, Jun 27, 2009.


    Potgrower3345 Well-Known Member

    Ok ive talked to alot of people who smoke weed they buy of dealers and i asked do you ever have seeds in your buds? they all said "yeah i just pick them out" my question is that can only happen if a male pollinates the female right? and ive read if the male polinates the female than that means the buds wont have any THC so how the fuck are they getting high?

    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    it doesnt take a male to pollinate a female.. a female can turn hermie and pollinate herself and surrounding females by producing pollen sacs... this is caused by stress to the female.. also, in nature, when there is a large group of females and no males to pollinate them, some females will produce seeds late into flowering to ensure their survival.. this isnt 100% of the time.. but it can happen.. this instances are VERY different from a male pollenating a female.. hermies and self pollinated females will produce only a few hit and miss seeds.... hermies can produce more than self pollinating females tho... when i male pollinates a female you get what most people call "seed bombs"... where half the weight of an 1/8th is in seeds... it is true that once a female is pollinated it stops producing buds and starts focusing on the seeds... so a highly seeded female plant will have very little THC... but the few seeds that most of us have fun into while buying headies isnt enough to stop bud production or affect overall quality as most of the time they are "fluke" seeds...

    meofcurse Well-Known Member

    in the black market of my country there are just buds with seeds.sometimes a lot.of course thc is reduced but you canbe high

    majek Well-Known Member

    its called dirt weed. large crops grown outdoors for mass marketing. Nobody inspects them and removes the males from the crop in time, resulting in pollenated females with low thc levels.

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    The genetics of the plant you have got are not 100% get them from greenhouse dutch passion have a tendency to trow alot of hermi plants.I just got some dutch passion blueberry it was full of seeds this happens when the plant turns on you normaly through temps going high and then low.The plant what i was growing the temps were bang on 28/29 plenty of fresh co2 and all stagnent air was exausted out of the grow area,It just happens.

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