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Seedlings' Leaves are Turning Yellow & Brown

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Farm Friend, Feb 17, 2008.

    Farm Friend

    Farm Friend Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. This is my second attempt at growing. The first round I burned my seedlings with FF dirt. So... I am trying again, I was off to a great start until 3 days ago I saw yellow spots that are spreading and now turning brown. First it was only 2 plants, but now it is at least 1/2 of my 25 babies.

    Here is what I know:

    1. They are in a mixture of Garden Bloom dirt and seed starter (after the FF I was afraid of too much good stuff in the dirt).
    2. The Ph is at 7.0
    3. Temp 70-75
    4. I am not over watering (learned that last time..LOL..)
    5. They are getting good ventilation
    6. They are under 4 bulb T8 Floros 24/7
    7. NL X AK47 & Skunk #1
    8. I am not feeding them anything
    9. I am not spraying the leaves
    10. 2 weeks old
    I have done a tone of reading but I don't want to mess around with them and kill them. I appreciate any help with this. I hope I have given enough info!?!

    Could it be nitrogen deficiency? :confused:

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    Farm Friend

    Farm Friend Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any ideas? I really appreciate any input. Thanks

    el1 Well-Known Member

    Bro they are looking like shit!!! haha!!

    I reckon you should flush 'em , wait for 2-3 days , if it doesnt get better then try feeding them some high N , but at like quarter strength.

    Possibilities that i can think of are , nute burn but since you not feeding then possibly underwatering , or maybe the soil is too hard for the root to grow through.
    If you have bark in your soil then the roots cant really grow through it. Check bottom of your pots and see if you can see loads of roots , maybe need a bigger pot.
    Farm Friend

    Farm Friend Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. I am actually a "Bra" (not brassier..LOL..) is that female for "Bro"? I will go check then out. I was thinking maybe they are too close to the lights? So many possibilities.

    gogrow confused

    i have a few seedlings going right now, and they have the same problem, on two of them, one of the first leaves has fallen off. i have searched for answers, but cant seem to find anything that matches. hope someone knows what this is for the both of us
    Farm Friend

    Farm Friend Well-Known Member

    Hey GoGrow! I hope so too. I keep reading a range of answers, but I am not sure what the problem is. I am worried about trying to feed them since I fried my first set of plants. Hopefully someone knows. What strain are you growing?

    gogrow confused

    think im gonna feed mine if i dont find something tonight, see what happens.

    growing several strains, the centerpiece being ams fems (greenhouse seeds),
    4 of those- all of which i have the problem with. also growing some northern lights, only two sprouted and one is deformed and slooow, so not looking too good for it. also have three f1 cross strains from my last grow, and about five or six different types of random bagseed. planning on a big one this time. my wife kinda flipped today, i told her that i needed about 50 more pots and a couple sacks of potting soil:mrgreen:

    obstacle123 Active Member

    My plants are doing the same thing. Damn. I think I'm going to go buy some fox farm nutes tomorrow. Only two of nine are doing it. I hope they make it out. I treat all of them pretty much the same, only watering when they appear dry, with the same distilled water. I'm guessing some plants are just more demanding than others. I just thought mine were too young to need them. They appear to be about the same size, if not just a little bigger than yours. The bottom leaves look like they're about to fall off soon but the tops are looking alright. I'm trying to stay optimistic. Best wishes.
    Farm Friend

    Farm Friend Well-Known Member

    GoGrow - Yeah my hubby thinks I am nuts, but I am having fun. He does not know I just placed another bean order..LOL...I too have a NL that is deformed and growing super sloooow> There is another one that looks like it has two plants growing out of one stem - I call it "The Hurricane." Good Luck! Let me know if you find something that works for these guys.

    Yeah Obstacle123, I have only been watering when they look really dry. So... I just went down and checked them and they are really dry even though I watered this morning. I gave them more water and raised the lights a little. We shall see. If no improvement I will feed them with a high N super diluted.
    Let me know if anything helps! Good Luck!

    el1 Well-Known Member

    Be carefull not too overwater , when you water only when they appear to be to dry ! they can still have alot of moisture beneath the soil.

    Somthing i like to do is to dig down with my finger a wee bit , near the edge of the pot so as not to disturb plant. And see how moist the soil is a few centremetres down. Then you can be sure that they not too moist.

    Most seedlings start out with a few defiiciancies( sp?) just make sure you feed it well diluted.
    Farm Friend

    Farm Friend Well-Known Member

    Thanks el1. I raised my lights a little last night and instead of the leaves shooting straight up, they are flat, They are looking better. I will feed with diluted strength.
    It's 5 o'clock somewhere

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere Well-Known Member

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    closet.cult New Member

    thats a great webpage. study it well and you will catch problems early. thanks.

    gogrow confused


    Mr.Funk Well-Known Member

    They look like they may need a good watering of plain ph leveled out water

    crippy Active Member

    ph is 2 high 5.8 6.o is tops

    gogrow confused

    im sure they're dead now...;-)
  18. hey im staring to get the same problem, my leafs are turnning yellow and it looks like they are being burn around the edges, is it to much nutrients in the soil.

    b3lle Member

    SAME here! help us! babies are not healthy!!!


    wes2wright Member

    im just having the same problem now. seems no one can give a definate answer though. i have read everywhere. still not sure about mine. how you all get one with your seedlings?

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