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seedling problems!!!!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by peachezNchron, Dec 7, 2007.


    peachezNchron Active Member

    my sprouts are about i say 2 weeks old now and the first sets of leaves that come in(not the rounded little ones) are kinda going yellow at the tips on one of them and curling under toward the stem resembling a talon lol i read that it could be because the lights too close(i am using cfls) so i moved it further away for a bit i doubt its fert burn because i'm not using any :P well anyways any feedback from anyone is greatly appreciated!

    Anything said or done by myself an others is for research purposes only and not for the illegal consumption or growth of this wonderfull creation of god!:joint:

    2BLITZED4U Well-Known Member

    do u let ur water sit for a day b4 u use it ? tap water has a lot of minerals in it like iron,clorean,softeners,and even some pesticides fill a jug let sit 24 hrs and use that never use fresh tap water i keep a 10L pail with an air stone full of water and give 2 cups of water every 4 days for a 3L pot with a triple mix of 20L merical grow self nute poting mix 20L perlite 5L pete that mix gives a very airy yet moist soil

    i also use cfl lighting i have 10 15w cfls and they sit 1 inch above my canopy and have never had a burn problem

    peachezNchron Active Member

    yeh i let my water sit out i doubt its the soil it has perlite bone meal stuff like that lol....but i though it might be the light its a 26 watt cfl and it about 10cm awaty from the top of the seedling.

    growman3666 Well-Known Member

    how hot is it in there

    Rix Well-Known Member

    That would be nute burn,bone meal is a fertilizer,imo i'd flush it.

    cece1121 Active Member

    it might be too hot in there or maybe your over watering? i only water once every 2 days

    Bagelthief Well-Known Member

    dude! its probably due to LACK of light, not heat or nute issues. you need at the very very minimum id say 75 watts of CFLs to grow a plant. no offense, but at two weeks your plants should have already grown between 3-6 levels of leaves. not trying to brag or put you down or anything, but my babies are i think 5 days old and already have their 3rd set. get a few more CFLs, try and go for higher then 5000k color temp for better results.

    Bagelthief Well-Known Member

    ohh and by the way, a method to test if the lights are too hot is to put the back of your hand under the light at the same level as the upper most leaves for 60 sec. if your hand feels uncomfortable then so will your plant....

    justlegalizeit Member

    sorry to steal your thread but i'm having the same problem..my plant is 2 weeks old and working on 3rd set of leaves..all of a sudden the second set just curled down, and i have a verry small yellow spot on the first set of leaves...i am almost positive it is heat.. using 150Wmh and 240W of cfl..my temp was average 80-84 will door closed, but i kept it open as much as possible making the temp stay at 75, but it would get down to 65 during its dark cycle, i have backed the mh light away.. even though my hand was comfortable with the light about ten inches away.... just sharing my story advice would be appreciated maybe we can both solve our problems

    Haluk Member

    cfl wont burn your plants. during seedling I let my plants actually touch the bulbs and no harm... So, If I were you I'd check chemistry (soil ph, soil ppm, water ph, water ppm)...

    Pumert Well-Known Member

    what if it is filtered from the fridge???

    TommyHobby Active Member

    you probably overwatered it....... let the soil dry up more than usual or use a tester to see the moisture in the soil.... the leaves should perk up again

    TommyHobby Active Member

    and to the original poster.... USE MORE CFL's dude !!!! one bulb ain't gonna cut it !!! AT LEAST 3000 lumens per square foot

    crbruton Member

    so if u let the water sit...the ppms go down over night? if not...what exactly does the sitting out do and how does it help? my tap water is 150 and i use it straight out of the tap.

    RaymondStone Well-Known Member

    It is so the chlorine in the water has a chance to evaporate. There are other forms of chloride and heavy metals however that will not evaporate/can't. I prefer to use drinking water or tap water that has a dechlorinator and pH adjusting additives (+ or -) to 7.0pH.

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