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Seedling Leaves Curling Down and Stopped Growing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by WskyDrinkr, Sep 24, 2008.


    WskyDrinkr Active Member

    This seedling is 2 and half weeks old. At around 4 days old or so my dog got ahold of the pot and dumped the seedling. It was out for less than 30 mins and was still partially covered in soil. It hasn't done much since then in the way of growing but I attribute that to the roots repairing.

    Now, the two sprouting fan leaves are starting to point downwards and the stem seems more flimsy. The round leaves are turning yellow, but I hear thats normal.

    During the day the seedling is outside in full sun and under a 2 foot fluro at night, till midnight or so (18/6). Once it flowers it will be full outside. No nuits yet except the small amount in the soil. MG seedling starter .05/.01/.01. Let me know what you think

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    howhigh123 Well-Known Member

    thats 2 weeks old??

    WskyDrinkr Active Member

    Yes, believe it or not.

    One more note. I have been waiting untill the soil is dry before I water again.

    Zhu Well-Known Member

    way early for the round leaves to turn yellow. The little bit of curling is normal, I have some super silver haze that are growing slow like that as well but they will pick up when the leaves get a little bigger towards the third set when you can really beat them with the lights. That soil looks real gritty and dry what kind is it? The only advice I can give you till I know what kind of soil that is is to put them under 24 hour light cycle because it seems that your plant is using its natural nutes (the round leaves are little nute pockets) for root growth rather than veg.

    WskyDrinkr Active Member

    The soil is Mirical Grow seedling starter. It has nuits, but very little, .05/.01/.01

    greenlanter Well-Known Member

    my top44 is a week old now and has the same side but with biger leaves , i have mine growing in a drip sys running three times a day whit two flowrecent equal to 46watts about 2000lumes which is preaty low but 4 now it should be fine .water every two days weting soil and wait till drains.the soil seems fine and the nutes with enough watering dont damage the grow , must soils have nutes from the get go.

    RRFN Member

    My babies are 2 week old and were seeded in humos soil and left outside to sprout.
    After 3-4 days sprouted i moved them to my grow box.

    These are 2 Super Skunk seeds and 1 afgan (smallest one).

    They are in humus soil, and no nutrients added yet.

    The PH is an average 6.8, temperature avrg. 29 celsius.

    Lights are 04 32w/150w cfls (35 cm from the top of the leaves) and 2 23w clfs on the bottom, close to the plans. I leave the 4 32w on for 24 h and the lower ones depending on the temperature.

    One was growing tall...but it stoped. One, the afgan is really tiny and the leaves did not come out in 2 weeks. The other developed dry white spots.
    I had 2 or 3 days when the ph got up to 7.8. I dont know if that triggered these spots. Her leaves were going down a little bit, so i stoped watering since yesterday. I dont see any changes yet.
    I tried to find some spidermites but it does not seem like the symptoms i see in the forum.
    She is developing the second pair of leaves so i will wait and see if i get some growing going before adding some nutrients (15-0-0) next week.

    Please, if anyone knows what this could be i ll appreciate.

    Thanks, this forum is great.

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    wowshiv Member

    Move the lights more towards the plant, ive seen that happen to many plants. Don't watter to often either, soil looks pretty moist.

    RRFN Member

    Here are the plants now...
    Growing strong.

    The tallest is 10 inches tall and has 6 nodes.
    The others grew shorter and that is great due to the box i have is only 30 inches tall.

    Now i have to decide how long to veg before cutting 24/7 lights to 12/12.

    The local sativa is really worrying me with her (?) height. She pushes almost a whole centimeter everyday. If keeps growing like that i will really have to top her.

    I am thinking on leaving them for 3 more weeks of veg before moving to flowering.

    Is 6 weeks of veg ok to move to flowering?

    Thanks again for the help! photo 4.JPG photo 11.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 5.JPG

    swaggersDlite Well-Known Member

    I have only used clone for like the past year an a half. I started some hybrid seeds i made and some Nirvana Ice. My seedling did the same thing i, so had no clue, checked the ph it was perfect. Added some nutes fox farm big bloom mixed with a small dose of a 5-1-1 fish fertilizer, now they seem like the will pull through rather than wither away... Good Luck Good Grow

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