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Seedling growing really slow - 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Bennygrow, Oct 25, 2010.


    Bennygrow Member

    Hey everyone.
    So I planted my seedling 2 weeks ago and had some trouble with heat at the begining but I fixed it.
    Now I'm using 45W CFL until my seedlings grow bigger but it seems they refuse to grow.
    Water PH @ 6.5. Not overwatering. No fertilizer.
    There seems to be some yellowing on the older leaves (maybe from the heat stress?)
    The seedlings practicly havn't grown AT ALL vertically but new leaves actually grow but on a slow pace.

    Does these seedlings look normal for 2 weeks? What am I doing wrong? should I use fertilizer?

    Thank you for helping!

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    Nolandiver Member

    Plants look fine bro..just use plain water for now.
    The plants are focusing on root growth more than leaves at this stage all is well......

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    thats not too bad, i was expecting alot worse. Vertical growth isnt everything as well, it not stretching towards the light real bad means youve had the lighting close enough for them to not need to do so most likely. for one 45w cfl and having problems in the beginning and it being only at week 2 total i dont think its thats bad, once you get some more lighting and your plants reach a certain point its growth rate will start increasing drastically because its sort of like a continuous chain reaction, the plant uses its leaves to make energy, that energy is mostly put into making more leaves which will make more energy to make more leaves which will make even more energy to make ....well, you get my point. lol

    Nolandiver Member

    Hey buddy how the ladies looking??
    College Grower

    College Grower Member

    hey man it seems like everyone above has given you POSITIVE hopes for your plants so I will give you my perspective, in which is very NEGATIVE.

    I am doing my first grow, Hydroponically (DWC), and my plants will be exactly 2 weeks old from seed this monday (11-1-10), I made the mistake of letting my plants live in an environment with temperatures of 90-97 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 days! I do believe you and I are suffering from the same problem, which is, Heat Stress. my plants look EXACTLY like yours, except for your biggest plant, which i must say looks like its doing quite well.

    I read on another members forum, that he too believes his plants have suffered from Heat Stress. His plants are 2 months old, and they still look like seedling! Everyone recommended that he ditch this grow and start a new one.

    I will give my plants another 2 weeks and if I do not see any significant growth, I will probably ditch them... At the moment I cannot afford new seeds so I am really hoping that my plants pull it out.

    The sad thing is I did everything right, except for the temperature, where I read from a source that my strain (norther lights) grows at a more rapid pace in higher temperatures (thus the 90-97 degree) temps. I hope your plants show some sign of growth, I hope mine do sometime.

    If your plants show some sign of growth please let me know and I will do the same. Goodluck!

    Nolandiver Member

    Suffering from heat stress under a 45w cfl???Are you shitting me dude....

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    my temps get to 95f+ during summer inside the box sometimes on real hot days outside and they always do fine, if your having heat problems they are most likely from inadequate air flow.

    prot0n Member

    Soil looks a bit wet. How often are you watering?

    chacruna Member

    Mine look pretty close to urs. They look healthy enough just growth is slow. I got 16 of them in pots just like yours about 6 inches under a new 200 watt cfl. I was using filtered water which (ive heard) may have been the problem because the ppm was probably zero and the plants need at least the ppm of tapwater which can be from 100 to 250 depending where you live. So switched to tap water and seeing what happens. Does anyone think a 200 watt cfl is too strong? The plants arent stretching, but they also arent really growing too fast.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Those actually look pretty good considering they are only getting 45 watts. Plants need light to grow.

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