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seed in rockwool

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by 011088em, Jun 17, 2010.


    011088em Active Member

    Hello fellas I have a difficult time starting this seed in a rockwool. I would really aprreciate any help or advice. Okay here it goes so i germate the seed and it pops and i seed the root coming out. So then I soak the rockwool in distilled water and put it in my humidity dome and spray the cover full with droplets of water. Okay so i plant the seed in the rockwool 1/4 of an inch deep root down and pinch at the top so no light could come through. The temp is usally from 80F and gets sometimes to 91F.Then several days later i dont see anything. So i take the rockwool apart and seed is the same as when i planted it. Can someone help me and tell me what im doing wrong. Also i alittle more info i soke therockwool and shake a little water off and its still wet Should shake all the water i can off? or No??.This is gonna be the third seed thats gonna go to waste:neutral:.Please Please help me i really appreciate you guys taking your time reading this and helping me out. Once again thanks .

    011088em Active Member

    11 views and no help??? Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?

    socaliboy Active Member

    I have never used rock wool. But my idea (*not an expert opinion*) is that the rock wool could be to thick for a young seed to push through? Though, again I have no idea lol.

    RikoSuave55 Active Member

    The rockwool should be soaked and then shake off a bit of the water. Oxygen needs to be in the rockwool a bit. No need for the dome and after you put into the wet rockwool dont water it for a couple days.

    Put the rockwool in a window that gets quite a bit of sunshine or put it under the lights.

    I put them in rockwool and then just put them in my system (bubbles) no matter what your growing in you can put them in rockwool , insert into your medium , place under lights or sun and water when dry. Youll see roots within 2 weeks.

    Koi2Dragon Active Member

    Remember to prepare the rockwool in Ph 5.5 water over night.
    It sounds like you might be watering them a little too much.
    I use 1" cubes for my seeds and they all ways take off.
    Use plain water, no nutes. No dome. Wet the rockwool then pinch excess water out right away to leave it wet not soaked. Wait 2-7days.
    What seeds are you using?
    There is a big chance you could be dealing with garbage seeds...
    Fisherman Pete

    Fisherman Pete New Member

    from what i read you should not pinch water out of rockwool due to it damaging the structure, but you should shake the water out as if you were drying salad in a tea towel.

    Koi2Dragon Active Member

    Yeah that is probably a better way to dry.
    I have been getting away with a small pinch a day but have also had some lightly damaged cubes after a week.
    It still had no effect on the seedling though.

    011088em Active Member

    Thank you guys so much for your advice.!!Koi2Dragon im actually buying them off of the single seed centre. Barneys farm seedbank I think.

    Koi2Dragon Active Member

    No problem Bro.
    Good luck, oh and Barneys seeds should be good. I just got some LSD(weed) from them too.

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