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Seed Bombs ... how to make them for 4/20

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by CrackerJax, Feb 27, 2010.


    CrackerJax New Member

    Okay, I found this on a gardening site and immediately thought this would seriously help out guerrilla growers and especially all of you TRUE 420 warriors. 4/20 is the time for all stoners to gather their extra seeds and throw them out along the highways of the USA. This confounds the cops and keeps them busy and away from US! It may also provide some good quality weed to some lucky hitchhiker! :lol:

    read on...they are easy to make.

    How to Make a Seed Bomb

    Do you hate those blank vacant lots on the side of road and city streets? Have you wanted to put a flower garden in one of those lots but have been afraid of being arrested? Do you not have the money to buy all those flower transplants? Is the lot just to hard to get into? And think of how many times you have seen a bare plot with nothing in it or a neglected flower bed that you just wished you could plant on? Well the seed bomb is just right for you. The seed bomb is cheap compared to buying transplants, is natural and organic, easy to make, pocket sized, and you can easily cover a large area with seed bombs in a very short time. The seed bomb is also a great weapon in the guerrilla gardeners arsenal when the guerrilla gardener needs to quickly get the job done.


    [​IMG]step 1Materials
    All materials in this instructable are cheap, easy to find, and are natural and organic. Crayola air dry clay (can use dried red clay), and is found in walmart for about $5.00 Water Tough Flower seeds such as baby's breath, sunflower, and forget me not. compost or worm castings yogurt container top or any large flat surface Clay from a dried riverbed (Red or Brown) …

    [​IMG]step 2Cutting
    Cut a very thin piece of the clay Tip: (The thinner you make it the easier you can press it down and shape it into a ball)

    [​IMG]step 3Cutting (Continued)
    Press down on a large flat surface (making it not paper thin but not as thick as a book) Cut to about 2 and a half inches wide and 2 inches high

    [​IMG]step 4Adding the compost
    Sprinkle the finest compost onto the clay and the more compost you put on the better the chance the seeds will germinate)

    [​IMG]step 5Adding Seeds
    Add about 2 seeds to the mixture (depending on the quality you think the seeds are)

    [​IMG]step 6Adding the Water
    BE CAREFUL ON HOW MUCH WATER YOU ADD! Add just a few drops or it will become a sloppy mess that's almost impossible to take off ! The water will also help the compost stay inside the seed bomb

    [​IMG]step 7Making Into a Seed Bomb
    THIS IS GOING TO BE DIRTY! Scrape off with your fingers the clay and roll into a ball and make sure you don't let the seeds go out of the seed bomb!

    [​IMG]step 8Adding More Compost
    To have a better chance of your plant in your seed bomb of growing put your seed bomb into a pot of compost and rub the compost in and take it out and rub it in again. You can keep repeating this process till about the 5th rubbing then you have most likely covered the seed bomb with the compost.

    [​IMG]step 9Your Finished
    Now just let your seed bomb air dry and your finished. You can fit about 9 seed bombs or more in one pocket (estimated from size 12 boys blue jeans) and if you multiply that by how many pockets you have in your pants, jacket, and even hat plus the number of people you bring with you then you have a lot of area you can cover with your seed bombs! Now throw your seed bomb…

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    guitarabuser Guest

    How do you light it?

    CrackerJax New Member

    With your minds eye...:wink:

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    haha ive thrown handfuls of seeds out the window of a car and driven by again to see a small field of pot plants to my surprise. there never well hidden so they dont last very long. but hey i think its a funny idea if my town was rampant with wild pot plants

    Drr Well-Known Member

    This is what I want to do with my hermie seeds..

    I will throw them all in a cup of water till most of them pop and then sprikle them when I go for a walk.. probably going to make the evening news...

    nothing like city garden filled with pot plants.. and hopefully they hermie and make more seeds... if they last..

    BoomerBloomer57 Well-Known Member

    i'm still waiting for the perfect place, day.

    but when i do find the spot, i'm gonna go wild:fire:

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    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHASAAAAAAAAA thats fantastic!!!!!!!!

    why not just fly over some fields and drop all those crop-duster style



    captiankush Well-Known Member


    I just got a woody from seeing all those seeds...Too bad I never get street meds anymore, rarely find seeds in the dispo meds...how long ya been saving those bad boys? I cant help but imagine some awesome genetics in that collection.


    CrackerJax New Member

    Make sure when you toss them they get past the swale. That way the typical road crew won't cut them automatically.

    That's where these seed bombs will come in handy. i'll bet they can be thrown 2 or 3 times as far.

    Maybe get a compressed air tank and a hose and see how far you can shoot one! :lol:
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    cool shit CJ, I'm gonna give it a shot. I got a few places in mind:D

    BoomerBloomer57 Well-Known Member

    Thats one Mason Jar of twelve, strategically placed seed banks I have stashed away in different locations. The tin is a rare strain for my own pleasure. 48 more of those tucked away,,,,,,, just in case

    Been thinking about this plant and playing with her for over 40 years. Got me some genes in dem jars, yesirree,,,,,,

    so anyhow, i'm quite baked this mornin',,,,,,,,,,,
    hows bout you?

    the perfect place,,,,,,
    the perfect time,,,,,,

    then BAM!

    outdoor, indoor it don't matter no mo, I'mma gonna grow me somadat gooood ganj,,,,,,,

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    captiankush Well-Known Member

    lmao, dayum, trees! Nice pics!

    I am also nicely medicated this AM. Ya made me think of all the seeds I have tossed away, damn my youthful ignorance!

    But back to the topic...

    I have been playing with the idea of planting clones all over, night time ninja style. Maybe once the daylight hours are right.

    CrackerJax New Member

    Next time I'm in town I'll pick up some clay and make some of these. I'll post some pics, but I think they will look the same...like little turds.

    rvrdennis Active Member

    i like this seed bomb idea +rep
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    chitownsmoking Guest

    lotta schwagg seeds in there huh?

    chitownsmoking Guest

    it would be cool to take that jar cook it at 15 psi for 90 min in pressure cooker and add a few cc's of shrooms spores in that to see if it would colonize...my money is on yes

    CrackerJax New Member

    You know what my problem is with weed seed? I love to eat them!! :lol: Just love to take twenty or so and chew them up.... I'm my own worst enemy! :lol:

    chitownsmoking Guest

    stay your ass out of my strain stash!!!

    CrackerJax New Member

    Aw.... only a handful please.

    wiggabee Active Member

    I'm going to pollinate some autflowering females and then throw throw the seeds in some grass that never gets cut and it's in between two roads, so no one will get them. Also, it's autoflowering so the light schedule wont' be a factor. Pic related, it's where i'm going to throw them

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