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Seed banks in the united states?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by TheSnake, Jun 29, 2013.


    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    So im looking to grab some new ladies, and don't need customs checking shit, so i want to order from an american company, anyone have some advice? maybe name drop? lol :twisted:

    smokeytokeybear Well-Known Member

    pm me.snake:peace:

    immaculus Member

    I've been searching for this as well.

    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    your pm box is full lol

    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    Well i know damn well there is probably at least a few seed banks in cali that could ship from within the US, problem is finding... lol

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    There is no state that has retail seed sales that can or will ship seeds to other states. It's a fed law thing

    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    fuck... no wonder i could not find. Grrr...

    medicalgrowman Active Member

    Oftentimes, I see seeds for sale on CraigsList,
    but how do you know what you're REALLY getting?

    WayBaked Active Member

    I'd be more worried about a postal worker stealing your seeds than customs intercepting your package.

    Order from Attitude Seedbank w/ the insurance, if customs intercepts them they will reship your order for free. Customs rarely intercepts them though. And customs won't come knocking on your door if they do find a few seeds.

    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    Cant imagine they would anyways, not dumb enough to have them sent any place with illegal activity on premises, so you have what? a POS light weight misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia , or even an actual possession of marijuana charge is a joke anyways. It's not worth the time they would have to invest. lol

    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    Bubbles... Fuck yeah! hahaha

    homegrwn Well-Known Member

    The million dollar fucken question in my mind where are the U.S. seedbanks... Seems silly that they couldn't p.o. box and ship from various locations...this is how they do it in the Hamsterdam shops... Herbies for me has been a loss. All seeds came tiny and bad genetics... They say that the breeder stands behind them but after two emails with no response F it. I seem to have better production from mystery meat then breeders. I would love a pm for a Normal co-op bank or am I dreaming..

    ambedexteras Well-Known Member

    ya wouldnt mind a US seed bank myself with some nice reputable breeders.
    someones lobbying for that law to change somewhere. theres mad money to be made in seeds.
    shit a male can produce hundreds right? @ 5-8$ a seed depending on strain?

    $$$$$$Chedda Chedda nothin betta

    wish i could start a seed bank. but the pioneers are the ones
    who get arrested. so ill wait for a pioneer and shortly follow lol

    mrbungle79 Well-Known Member

    don't know where you r but here in mi there r dispensaries and collectives where you can buy seeds in breeders packs and clones. because i'm lazy and don't wanna make the hour drive i order from sannies, attitude and sensible seed co. no problems

    WayBaked Active Member

    I also have plenty of local dispensaries where I could purchase clones if I was worried about customs.

    More worried about some punk postal worker stealing my seeds than customs bothering to intercept them though. It just rarely happens, and if it did, well, that's why Attitude will let you insure the package and they'll reship for free if it's intercepted. Not like customs is gonna send the DEA busting down your door because somebody tried to mail you a pack of seeds.

    mrbungle79 Well-Known Member

    yeah worst case is they send along your package minus seeds with their green tape stated contents confiscated and to call their number with any ???'s not a big deal.

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