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Security: how much wattage is safe?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by royalewithcheese40, Apr 5, 2008.


    xstonedagainx Member

    from: http://www.enetics.com/prodmainSPEED.html

    Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALMS) is a unique approach to monitoring the energy consumption of major appliances within a home. With NIALMS, a single recording meter is installed at the electrical service entrance and from this location the energy consumption and time of use of each major appliance can be captured. Installation is quick and easy. Re-wiring of appliances is never required. Complete appliance consumption data as well as whole house consumption data is available for every minute of the day. Enetics' NIALMS product has been proven in extensive testing since its initial release in 1996.
    Enetics is the sole supplier of this technology in the world today. Our engineering staff has been engaged in research, development and commercialization activities for non-intrusive end-use monitoring since 1993. Enetics' family of NIALMS products is named SPEED™ (Single Point End-use Energy Disaggregation) and employs patented technology.
    System Description

    SPEED™ is a Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring System (NIALMS) comprised of three primary components: Field Recorder, Master Station, and Analysis Station. It is used to measure the power consumption of individual loads and appliances without directly metering each of the loads. Through analysis of the profile of energy that flows into the residence SPEED™ can monitor the energy consumed by specific loads (appliances) within the premises. The resulting data includes total energy consumed per appliance, as well as time of day "interval" data. In addition to monitoring energy consumption, the product can record and correlate temperature information with energy-use data, help to identify faulty appliances and recognize abnormal energy use. Enetics refers to this product as SPEED™ (Single Point End-use Energy Disaggregation).
    Data recorded at each premises is uploaded on a regular basis (typically bi-weekly) to the SPEED™ Master Station. The Master Station collects the data, manages the recorders, and performs the SPEED™ algorithm processing resulting in interval data for whole premises and individual appliances. This data is placed in a database for flexible access by analysis software.
    Enetics' Analysis Station is capable of accessing the data from the database and presenting the information to the operator in the form of graphical charts, spreadsheet tables, and summary reports. Analysis Station allows any time period to be viewed for any premises including any subset of appliances. Additionally, Analysis Station provides for the generation of reports for the aggregation of results across multiple premises.
    Field Station is a portable tool which can be directly connected to the field recorder using a provided cable. Field Station can be used to verify installation, collect data, and program the recorder.

    mud1dnot2 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ not sure what this is doing here. But i believe you have to volunteer to have these monitoring systems installed in your house so the power company can switch your appliances on and off as a way to save their resources.

    eric8313 Active Member

    basically ya if you want to run more than like 1000-2000 then i would say bust out a deisal generator and your possibilies will be endless

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member


    I run over 2250w of just lighting in 1 bedroom rental condos.... Busting out a generator for a 2000w grow is a fucking joke.

    This is just more shit to scare you. If your running under 5000w of lights then chances are you dont need to be worrying about power companies busting you....as long as you pay your bill on time WTF do they care what you do with the power?

    Its a Power Company, its a business, they need to Profit. If the power companies went out of their way to bust every grow op they would lose SOOO much fucking money.

    The ONLY time power companies get involved or even care is when your either Stealing power, OR if your in a multi unit building and they deem your power usage to be "unsafe" or a "risk to 3rd party"


    eric8313 Active Member

    dude believe me i know i woulnt do a generator with that much obviosouly but i am saying for this guy if he is afraid than that is an option i mean ofcourse no one would get a generator for a 2000w grow

    eric8313 Active Member

    and ya i agree 100% unless ur using more than 5000w which would be the min for me to get a generator then you wont have a problem with power company

    Captn Well-Known Member

    I've been away for a while...it was weird to come back and see this thread still going. Anyway, check this out


    It draws 14 amps, and if you were an artist who worked in ceramics you might run it for hours on end every day. So try not to worry too much, there are a lot of people using more power than you. 5000 watts sounds like a good ceiling to me, though, I wouldn't go above that in a residential space. Just my opinion.

    xstonedagainx Member

    someone said they worked on meters and device such as this does not exist. yet the following companies have these devices employed:

    • U.S. Department of Energy
    • Southern California Edison
    • Central Iowa Power Cooperative
    • Buckeye Power
    • Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation
    • Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
    • Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (Mexico)
    • Electricité de France (EDF)

    dopey69 Active Member

    I grow coral and sell it on an online website and i have around 1800W. I also know someone else in the same line of work that has close to 4000w for the last 7 years and it all automated and on timers. I dont think they really care as long as u pay your $800 power bill. If they call and ask questions tell them u have a 200 gal reef tank!
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    He didn't say they don't exist, only that they are very rare and are only installed with the homeowner's knowledge.
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    Captn Well-Known Member

    exactly, thank you

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    Yeah exactly. If power was the reason people are getting busted there would be a LOT more raids on people with a basement full of Fish tanks.

    Fish tanks can use a LOT of power, Lighting, air pumps, water pumps, filters, etc.

    1 medium-large tank could draw well over 1000w (not your goldfish....)

    Some fish enthusiasts could run 5-10 tanks in their basement.

    Using power wont get you busted, just pay your bill on time.

    fat sam

    fat sam Well-Known Member

    if you live in LA i would go get a medical card and not worry about it, after all if you are only growing for yourself then 2-600's and a little skill will keep you smoking steady and in say a 2-3 bedroom home its really not noticable, im up in the bay area and have friends using way over ther safe ammount with no problems, unless your selling it blatantly from the house the cops really dont trip on weed anymore, i had the cops in my grow room a few months back and they didnt touch a thing even though i was over the plant count, i mean as long as you have a med card and stay within your countys guidelines any local or state police CAN NOT bust you, the only ones that can are the feds or dea but obama just put a stop to all the federal raids so thats history i hope, but yeah pots not a big deal anymore really...at least around here

    mud1dnot2 Well-Known Member

    need to get out there A.S.A.P.

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