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Section 8 housing question?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by nicrod, Jan 3, 2012.


    nicrod Member

    hey there everyone, well i had a little grow going at my old house until the police took my plants..
    anyways i just got my card and im able to grow now, my only other concern is section 8, does anyone know if there is any kinda of restrictions on that?? that would be bogus.. i really wanna get some seeds sprouted again asap:)

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    Section 8 housing is housing with part of the rent paid for by the gov and/or state. If you grow and get caught expect to be evicted and maybe even jail/fines as they are ALL very strict on that. Don't think so? Here's an article on a lady who was to be evicted just for her SONS drug offense. Don't risk it...

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - Sandy Douglas said she has no idea where she will be living after this week. Douglas, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and her 11-year old daughter won't be able to afford the apartment they've lived in for several years. They've lost their government housing subsidy, commonly called a Section 8 grant after the part of the law that created it.

    They lost it because of what Douglas' 20-year-old son did.

    He was convicted of cocaine posession. Because he was on the lease for her apartment, the Grand Rapids Housing Commission - which administered her rent subsidy - revoked it because her son was busted for drugs.

    "I kept saying, 'I'm not responsible for my son. He's 20,'" Douglas told Target 8 investigators.

    But the Housing Commission takes a hard line on drug offenses. "Anybody on the lease, if caught, would automatically be terminated," Director Carlos Sanchez said. "We are mandated by the federal government not to serve people involved in drug-related activity."

    But the issue of fairness has been raised across the country. Some have suggested that ending rent supplements for entire households related to someone busted for drugs amounts to a kind of guilt-by-association.

    "I told them it wasn't fair," Douglas said. "It's not right."

    She said her son was busted somewhere else in the city and was only living with her part of the time.

    But the Grand Rapids Housing Commission chose to take a hard line that wipes out the rent subsidy for the entire household. "To us it is the household," said Sanchez.

    full: http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/target_8/Sons-drug-bust-may-make-mom-homeless
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    benign Active Member

    Here you go, here is something from Americans for Safe Access, basically it's a big no-no to them and there have been 1 Supreme Court Case and 1 9th circuit court of appeals that reinforce the decision.
    Medical Marijuana Patients & HUD Rental Assistance Programs (Section 8 & privately owned federally-subsidized)

    If you are a medical marijuana patient and reside in Section 8 housing, or another Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assistance program, you are not allowed to cultivate, possess or medicate in your residence. Although valid California medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess and cultivate marijuana in accordance with their county guidelines, HUD programs receive federal funding and have to adhere to federal marijuana laws as a result. This means that anything relating to marijuana poses a very serious risk to patients residing in housing that must comply with HUD regulations. For this reason, patients should not cultivate and should try very hard to avoid possessing and even medicating while in their residence. If you have to medicate in your residence because of your condition, try to use only edibles and/or a vaporizer as opposed to smoking. HUD regulations allow a landlord to evict you for any activity related to any controlled substance, including medical marijuana. In 2002, the US Supreme Court upheld this decision, allowing landlords to evict public housing tenants for "any drug-related criminal activity on or off such premises, by any member of the tenant's household, or any guest or other person under the tenant's control," in Department of Housing and Urban Development v. Rucker. And, in March 2008, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reinforced this decision by upholding a HUD-run Housing Authority's ability to evict patients for medical marijuana related reasons in Assenberg v. Anacortes Housing Authority. ​
    Dr Lg

    Dr Lg Active Member

    Lol seriously I wouldn't even think about this. Your talking about growing medicinal marijuana legalized by the STATE in a house partially funded by the FEDS. They don't give a shit.

    States are like that brother who didn't get to become king after dad died.

    suburbangeorge Member

    Well, I'll bet I'm not your average member. I was directed here because of a Google search that I did on Section 8 housing. I'm 66 years old and first smoked pot in around 1965. Still do but not very often as it's a social drug and all of my friends have quit or died. Also smoked opium a few times(better than breathing air after drowning), lots of LSD, mushrooms, cocaine and a little meth(fortunately I hate speedy drugs so the last two were not often).

    Been a licensed California Building Contactor since 1982 and I'm still my own main work force. Basicly took my retirement in my late 20's and early 30's by being mimimally employed and beeing a beach bum.

    Most of this posting is directed at the OP who wrote:

    "hey there everyone, well i had a little grow going at my old house until the police took my plants..
    anyways i just got my card and im able to grow now, my only other concern is section 8, does anyone know if there is any kinda of restrictions on that?? that would be bogus.. i really wanna get some seeds sprouted again asap[​IMG]"

    You're the reason people hate welfare recipients in general and aren't too fond of section 8 either. I hate to sound like old people when I was younger but "get a job". Don't be so lame that the police are after you. While I was wasting my youth(and loving it) I paid my own way. Sort of like the difference between a Depression era hobo who work at odd jobs(me) and a bum who asked for hand outs(you).

    To DrLg: States are actually like the rightfull King in the "Man in the iron mask" who was imprisoned by his evil brother(the Fed). Personal pot use is a State issue if you believe in the Constitution. :leaf:

    wiseoldsnail New Member

    you make assumptions that people receiving housing assistance are lazy and criminal. given your claim to be 66 years old, this is about as ignorant a post as i've ever seen. you have no way of knowing whether this person is sick and disabled, in need of housing because of things beyond her/his control. many people receiving housing assistance are working full time. too bad employers (think walmart) are allowed to pay so little for labor that the laborer can work full time and still not have enough to cover expenses. growing one's own medicine is one way to save money, and certainly points to the opposite of your lame assumption ... it's not lazy to put the time and effort into growing one's own medicine.

    people who hate welfare recipients are, by and large, much like you : ignorant, hateful, judgmental, and generally live in a bubble of their own superiority complex.

    get over yourself and look around you. calling someone willing to grow her/his own medicine 'lazy' because that someone needs housing assistance is just stupid. if you have any idea the hoops a person must leap through to receive assistance, you would know that very few would do such a thing out of laziness.
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Subarbangeorge you're the reason people hate old conservative douchebags. Your opinions are ridiculous and full of asinine assumptions. To boot your "facts" are bullshit too

    you don't know if the OP is disabled do you?

    I live in a medical state and the section 8 dilemma is playing out here. The state tried to evict a MMJ patient for his personal and legal grow. The ACLU got involved and he's still in housing. The Feds have left that decision to the state seeing as how they manage their program.

    I hope you build homes better than you research or use any ability to reason

    stonedassassin43 Member

    can HUD find out if you have a recommendation? Or do you have to get caught before HUD finds out

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