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sea of seeds review

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by Claymanifcc, Sep 11, 2012.


    kev.au Well-Known Member

    My order never turned up :( and no response to my email so far(10 days ago).

    Order # 4764 9th Aug 2012
    E M

    E M Active Member

    Please resend the email to sos as this was not received your parcel status has been checked and it is due a resend :) please title the email with your order number

    kev.au Well-Known Member

    Will do, thanks.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Ive always ad good results with S.O.S even the newer Spanish seeds freebies.

    Email reply can be between 10 minutes to 1 day never any longer

    azryda420 Active Member

    100 % legit company.

    kev.au Well-Known Member

    sos are resending my seeds so thanks for that, much appreciated.
    I'll keep you guys posted.

    Damien6666 Member

    SOS Thankyou from auz that was unbelievable keep up the great work will be sending u blokes more coin:clap::clap: You have made my day

    omnislasherfx Member

    just ordered a pack of kilimanjaro from world of seeds, and greenhouse thai from greenhouse seeds yesterday.. strangely, i'm unable to log back into SoS with the email that i placed my order with. just emailed them about it, lets see hows the response. that aside, i hope i get 'em seeds REAL SOON :D

    slack3r Member

    Just posted an order, will update with how it goes.:sleep:

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Did you register or just put an order in?

    You have to register to get an account for it to keep the order history

    omnislasherfx Member

    i didnt register, but when you put an order in don't they automatically create an account since you provide an email when ordering? anw thanks, if thats the case let me try to register now. thats quite strange tho anw.

    ok the account has been created using the same email used to order. however, order history is empty. will they sync it automatically or do i have to make a request for that as well..either way its been over a day since i emailed both their sales as well as info address, no response yet but i should prolly get one soon.

    GoingDownHill Member

    Hello everyone. I'm not trying to high jack this thread or anything I just have a question about SoS's stealth shipping. Well really not about the shipping its self. Anyway....
    Can anyone tell me what are my chances of receiving my beans if I opt out of the 5.50GBP stealth option.
    I'm only asking because I'm on a fixed budget. I have enough for the cost of the beans and the 8.00GBP they charge for the normal shipping. But I can't cover the cost of the stealth option. I converted the final total from 4[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]8.19 GBP[/FONT] to $77.20 USD With the stealth option my total comes to 53.69 GBP ($86.01USD) I only have $80.00 to spend on beans. The prices seem kind of high for 5 beans of the strain I'm looking for. But from what I've read and heard from friends, the price is worth it. I just don't want to lose my money or the beans. I know they wont rip me off because a few of my friends get their beans from SoS. But they always paid for the stealth option.
    If anyone can answer my question it would be awesome.

    If anyone is wondering about the buds in my profile pic is auto NL from SoS. It was one of my friends freebie he got with his order. Really good smoke and a very nice yield. about 65g off that 1 plant under CFLs. Not bad for an auto. But then again that was my first and only auto I have grown.

    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    I've ordered with the stealth for 1 out of 3 orders. I have received all three orders. I'm in US. Hope that helps.

    omnislasherfx Member

    just got them in the mail today, 5 days since ordering, that is EXTREMELY fast by the way. considering i'm in south-east-asia and althought the postal system in my country is rather efficient, the checks are kinda stringent. gotta say sea of seeds stealth is UNIQUE AS FUCK LOLS. but if you don't plan on germinating all of them at once my suggestion is to transfer to an airtight ziploc bag and keep it in a cool and dry place. either way, here's one more satisfied customer from SOS, everyth is in the right quantity and the freebies are as mentioned. thanks a lot guys

    GoingDownHill Member

    Thanks guys for answering my questions so fast. I'm also in the US and will be placing my order now. I can't wait to try that blue ryder auto. I'll post again as soon as I receive my order and I'll start a grow log. I have a ton of picks from other grows from start to finish. I can't help but take at least 1 picture a day of my ladies.
    Thanks again.

    slack3r Member

    Recieved my order. I got it on the quicker side(less business days than their shortest quoted time for international orders). Extremely stealth, would post pics of how stealth, but I do not want to compromise anything for the company. I liked the website as well and the accessibility to it. will give another review later of what I recieved.:clap:

    GoingDownHill Member

    Blue ryder auto was out of stock so I ordered 10 Auto Bombs fem. Cant wait to get them!!!

    Mashew Member

    I think this is where I'll order my seeds to New Zealand, so keen to try some Autos, any reconditions for Autos from SoS?

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