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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by skunkushybrid, Nov 16, 2006.


    skunkushybrid New Member

    We're going to be using the scrog method. 6, 400w hps and mh lamps, and as many plants as we can in one litre pots. We're hoping for about a quarter to half oz per plant. We're going to use chicken-wire that we intend to suspend about four inches below the lights. Of course, plenty of ventilation. Anyone see anything wrong with this?

    mogie Well-Known Member

    A screen is the main character of scrog. It is usually made of wire or something sturdy enough to hold back the growing canopy. This wire should have some holes in it about 2x2inches in size so that the plant mater can easily grow up through the wire and be supported by it. The wire is secured between the grow medium and the lamp at a distance determined by the size of your lamp

    Wigmo Well-Known Member

    i have no idea what scrog is but it sounds very intruiging
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    yummy.. i like it.. I look forward to the pictures..

    I would recommend 600's (thicker buds) rather than 400's


    mogie Well-Known Member


    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Yeah, I tried several scrog grows. The main problem will be only 4 inches between screen and light. I think you meant between screen and soil, but either way you'll have trouble.

    I put the screen 10 inches above the soil, and grew all of the buds above the screen. So above the screen you have at least a foot of bud space, and at least a foot to the lamp hood.

    But you are talking about small plants in small pots, close together. That is a classic Sea Of Green grow, and you won't have room to train the plants under a screen. With a screen, you should use fewer plants, and spread them out with the training of the branches under the screen. That's why it was developed, to use fewer plants.
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it will do good. Well the more light part did atleast. I dont know much about using chicken wire though.
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    I heard only post whoring wankers use the scrog method.

    j/k sorry bro I had to. lol :)

    skunkushybrid New Member

    so to use the wire would be no good for the small plant method, unless i intend to train the plants above the wire, so no wire then.

    The good thing is that with the extra light, we could set up two grows alongside one another. We could actually use the scrog method on one section of plants that are already in big pots, and the sog method on the ones that are in 1 litre pots, quickly joined by the clones we have coming through to bolster the ranks. I'm glad i started this thread, it has helped clear up my confusion. I can now experiment with two methods to see which one is best.

    I'll post pic's in a couple of weeks as I'm going to be off line as of tomorrow.

    MaGoO Active Member

    Marijuana plants are very plyable if you use tender tlc.... you can literally set a screen on the top of your plants then only train while flowering carfully either tucking/weaving the tops throughout the screen, or totally train to keep the plant underneath... when a shoot sprouts through the screen carefully put it back through the same hole it came from and guide it underneath. when the stretch stops only the budsights will continue to grow vertically leaving all vegetative growth under the screen and thus out of the canopy.

    k-town Well-Known Member

    I Like That Scrog link Mogie!

    acursedlie Active Member

    good post.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Just added more under FAQ.
    stu ungar

    stu ungar Member

    I'm going to give this a shot for my first grow. I have very limted space, my grow is only 2' tall 2' wide 1' deep. Im using CFLs (not great but what i got) If i use a 6 inch pot how high should the screen be above the plant?

    shank11 Member


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