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    Dannoo93 Well-Known Member

    Im looking to.see ur guys results from scrog looking for setup,strain,watts,yields,veg time

    I plan on doing a scrog in my cab 60intall x 36inwide x 21indeep..i have a 400mh for veg and a 400hps for flower..gonna grow in 3gal pots with the screen.10 inchs from soil veg till screen in 70%full

    Blaze23 Well-Known Member

    Im interested in the same, but i've seen some scrog journals on here with pretty good results if i can find the link i'll post it here.

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    Dannoo93 Well-Known Member

    Bump...or do u guys do bstter wiyhout scrog

    vanspronsenjohn Active Member

    Mine is not a scrog grow per se, but I am in a tight area and have capped off the tops to promote inside growth instead of height. I am SURE my harvest will be nice, but I will let you know as soon as I do harvest.

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Good choice to SCRoG with 5' of height available but if your looking for yield SoG may be a better choice, unless highl pant counts is not an option for you.

    I have yielded much more using perpetual SoG than I did with any of my SCRoG grows, and the big benefit of being able to run many, many strains.


    fandango Well-Known Member

    Scottyballs seems to have the scrog down tite....10oz per one plant.also flowamaster gets 1lb plus on his I get about 4oz at the moment.I like the different cabinet idea per plant/seems like it would prevent spidermites from getting into all the plants/if there swing bye the grow?
    also bye using a/c to control the entire room it would save on the cost of set up gear.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

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    Dannoo93 Well-Known Member

    Alright cuz im gonna just scrog 2 plants in.there i got cheesy dick and a freebie ...i want to veg em in scrog for as long as i can should i veg using 400watt,300,or200 i got a dimmable...i always wondered will vegging with less light lower the yield or just take longer to.veg to good size
    past times

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    Dannoo93 Well-Known Member

    3 gallon pot

    kachiga Well-Known Member

    Any one new who can update this thread with their results?


    highdave Well-Known Member

    Old thread my man.

    Check out the scrog threads in advanced cultivation.

    But mostly depends on genetics and how well you fill your screen. I've seen 1 and a half pounds plus. And then you got me who may get 150gs if my lucky

    kachiga Well-Known Member

    Nah I know it's old. But any one who would like to post their log or weights love to read it.

    Lol, yeah but I like to know the size room. I am looking through all those sections btw.:)
    Elmo's Closet

    Elmo's Closet Active Member

    2.25 square foot scrog. 3 plants in there at different stages. Only using 140w led and 40w CFL. Big one in 3 gal. Is on day 52.

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    kachiga Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I wish there was a Scrog section (I haven't seen, only a long old thread.)

    Is that 19 inches from the ground? They look very nice btw nice grow.
    Elmo's Closet

    Elmo's Closet Active Member

    The screen is probably 17-18 from ground. 3gal smart pot is 7.5 inches so lookin at 10 inches from soil. My box is only 42 inches tall :P.
    Anon Emaus

    Anon Emaus Well-Known Member

    You could try startin a new one over in the advanced section.

    I run a like 2.5x2.5 scrog type training, more of a scrog net assisted lst lol 1 plant in dwc veg under 250w then flower under 600w. I should have about a pound when i'm done. Another grower buddy on here I talk with just finished his with very similiar grow style as mine under a 400w and yeilded 17 oz
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    kachiga Well-Known Member

    Thank you reading your log now. Question for you, I was thinking about allowing around 2 foot colas is that wrong? I ask because the guy told you to tuck them again, I know some people like to tuck during the first 1-2 weeks of flower, but I am not sure if thats due to height limits?

    Also man really nice job pulling that weight under a 250w with one plant. :) This is my first scrog Using LEDS + HPS. I have been trying to find peoples logs and yields that pull but most I found are logs that the grower gave up on.

    The most I have been able to do was around 2lb from 4 plants in a 4x4 tent. I had rebuilt a spot from scratch but only 2.5x5 wide in room. So I want to see if I can get at least 1lb.
    Elmo's Closet

    Elmo's Closet Active Member

    For me OP, I stopped tucking around 1 ½ weeks in. I think if you have a stretchy Sativa you will end up tucking further into flower. If your light can penetrate the bottom part of those 2 foot colas your going for, I say go for it :peace:.
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