Scrog vs Mainline questions

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by sohighifly, Aug 30, 2013.


    sohighifly Active Member

    Hey RIU,Im on my second grow and after a pretty successful harvest
    just using topping and no real training techniques. I am ready to get into some more advanced things.
    I have been tossing back and forth between scrog and mainlining.

    I know that everything is strain and condition dependent,but say 2 clones were grown in each setup
    @ ideal conditions,which would produce more?

    My personal setup: 5x5 tent,soil grow,organic nutes,and 600w Mh for veg. In flower using both a 600MH and 1000HPS only 2 plants.
    Any input greatly appreciated.

    Cannabidude Well-Known Member

    I think the styles are close enough it concept that you would yield close to the same if things were ran exactly the same except training. Mainling is really just a one plant Sea of Green. While you do the exact same thing with ScrOG except you use a screen to enforce the canopy instead of just training alone.

    jacksthc Well-Known Member

    never heard of mainlining before, but when I looked it up, its the way I have been growing for the last 3 years and its good

    I use it in a way to grow a circle of buds with a big hole it the middle so I can drop the light closer to the buds and get loads of dank buds
    works very well with one plant per light

    and have done a few scrog, there not a lot in it, both ways can give you a top yields
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    It's easier to mainline then scrog imo. When you scrog and you have the plants caught up in a net, can't move them for the most part... Mainlining, restriking, super cropping, training... They all give you a similar effect. And it's pretty much based on 2 things. Which are the breaking of outer membrane of the stem, which increases yield, and the manipulation of dominant growing tips, which causes swelling of the buds. Here is my vid on mid flowering training... [video=youtube;XPVKeU47Rb0][/video]

    jacksthc Well-Known Member

    I think this would be called a mainline scrog I am doing and it works great lol
    my plants 8 weeks ago


    chopping them tonight

    blacksun New Member

    I personally like lst (scrogging) a little more than hst (topping) because of less stress. As for which produces more...the answer to that depends entirely on the grower him/herself. A person who sucks at scrogging but is bad ass at mainlining will harvest more mainlining. They both produce the same if you fill out the canopy completely.

    That's the whole point, filling out the canopy is filling out the it however you can.

    Whether you choose to do it by scrogging, mainlining, topping/fimming a few plants, flipping many rooted clones to 12/12 immediately (SOG), or anything in between, it's just another variable you need to get dialed in if you want to maximize your area's potential.

    sohighifly Active Member

    I would love to see a pic of the harvest if you can.

    jacksthc Well-Known Member

    here you go my friend took mt 4 hours to harvest the scrog

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    sohighifly Active Member

    Well said my friend.

    sohighifly Active Member

    Wow,great harvest Jack. How big is your screen? Can you elaborate on a little bit of your room specs? +rep my friend

    Nitegazer Well-Known Member

    First, you are right, it is strain dependent in that some ladys don't respond as well to being topped. Topping induces some stress, and you may not want to stress plants that are more prone to hermi. Other strains keep their central cola dominant unless the plant is topped, which can be undesireable.

    There are a couple of other things you may want to consider, too--
    - Scrog plants don't have to recover as much as mainlined plants. All other things being equal, a mainlined plant will take longer to get to harvest
    - Vincent is right about scrogging taking more effort. 5x5 is about as big as I would want to get with scrog. It still may be a PITA to reach in there all the way.
    - Scrog develops more budsites, which is what you want with lower wattage (lower wattage= less penetration). Mainlining works best with higher wattage in general
    - I also would avoid scrog if you work with hydro, but you don't.
    - Scrog lends itself to a larger number of smaller plants, mainlining tends to work best with a few large plants

    Given all that, I would definately recommend mainlining before scrogging on your setup. It still is a matter of what you want, though.

    sohighifly Active Member

    Thanks for your input and recommendation based on my individual setup. I think that I have made a choice and decided to take a clone of each plant and run a 4 plant mainline line under 1600w.Journal to come,thanks all for the input.

    woodsmantoker Moderator

    With 1000 watts and 5x5 area, with one plant I suspect average yeilds to be no greater than 2lbs. I suspect I can produce 2lbs with 1000watts and one plant faster than someone can that removes the top of the plant. My guess.

    Countless plants have entered screens around my neck of the woods. In just about every fashion you can imagine. I have also been an instructor of sorts for several years and with the help of hundreds, have tested countless theories. When I hear of something new and exciting, I will surely let folks know here. By no means does that constitute me knowing everything however and I strongly encourage experimental trials of all types. Wisdom is taught by experiences. Mine suggests that's simply increasing surface area and supporting the weight of production, may be the fastest way to maximum potential given the controls (ie. Plant number, wattage/lumens, space etc.)


    sohighifly Active Member

    Nice input woodsman, a supporter of all natural. I am also a fan of the K.I.S.S. method,just wanted to test things out a bit.Thanks for the response.

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