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Scissor Hash

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by playallnite, Oct 17, 2012.


    playallnite Well-Known Member

    Well I've been trimming for several days and my scissors are pretty "clogged" even under 45X magnification the stuff on the blades looks awesome. My question what is the best way to consume this stuff, if there is a way, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.TIA

    ROFLhacks Active Member

    I love scissor hash after trimming, my favorite way to smoke it is to pack a bowl and then stretch the hash ball over the whole bowl bongsmilie

    playallnite Well-Known Member

    Is the best way to remove from scissors a hobby knife or razor blade? Bear with me I'm a semi-newbie.

    1sttimeguy Active Member

    I use a razor blade personally. Works great to clean you scissors

    writtin Active Member

    I gunk up both my pairs - then use one to clean the other and vice versa - then just give em a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol and let em dry

    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    I do the same. But after cleaning the scissors of the resson I place in a shot glass of 91 iso. Let site till rest is cleaned. Then wipe and cut more. At the end I dump the shot glass in a 9x9 Pyrex and let the iso dry and have iso hash. Also I roll the scissor hash into 1/4 inch balls and let dry then just place in a bowl and enjoy.

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