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sched40 PVC and fittings for dwc buckets, glue? grommets?

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by squirrelfooker, Mar 7, 2009.


    squirrelfooker Active Member

    I'm going to do a recirculating DWC with 5 gallon buckets. I'm working on connecting the drains on the buckets.

    Is there a reason I don't see many people using pvc and fittings? Most seem to use hydro store fittings and flexible irrigation tube.

    I'm planning on using a female slip x male thread from the outside of the bucket and a female thread x female slip on the inside, with grommets on either side. Then I can just use pvc sched40 pipe to connect the buckets. These parts are cheap and it seems easy.

    Will this work ok? Is pvc glue safe to use?

    squirrelfooker Active Member

    bump anyone using pvc to connect their buckets?

    growinman Well-Known Member

    .....I am not that experienced with exactly what your asking but I think the only reason is because of the leaks....I know a lot of people have tried different things and seem to get leaks..... That glue is safe as far as I know, and it doesn't melt from the nutes. I run a diy aero/nft and it's all the regular glue----(fyi: you can skip the primer altogether).
    I guess the bottom line would be if your idea will hold water, pun intended. If you get your grommits and joints right I cant see why it wouldn't work. PVC is much much cheaper and more available, but remember how rigid it is too; not going to have much flex......

    If you get this going you should consider doing a little diy w/pics on it......

    Great luck to you!!

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