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Saving Clippings for Hash

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by pauliojr, Mar 20, 2007.


    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    Okay I have heard of so many ways of making hash, but have never been told what do to with the clippings. Should you store them first? Let them dry out a bit? Use right away? I just want to know what are some techniques that people have used and work very well with their clippings. Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

    stevesmokesweed Well-Known Member


    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    I have seen this clip and have the entire video. They do not go into detail about the clippings. They just say "these are clippings that were properly dried and frozen". They don't say how long, when to, etc.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Hey Paulio, while I did post that video, I have never made it that way. Let me explain why...I'm too lazy! It really is that simple.
    I believe in safety too, when I was younger, I use to make tons of hash oil for profit, in a machine they use to sell in the back of high times. I use to process 7-10 lbs a week into hash oil. I can say this now, as I was charged with the crimes, had my day in court and won.

    Thats another story though. This is by far the easiest and safest method. Save all your clippings, male plants, whatever. Dry them completely. Now take em, and place them into the blender, add the highest quality isopropyl alcohol you can get, they make a 99%, but sometimes you can only get 91%. Thats what I use the 91% it's cheap, like $2.49 a bottle.

    Now pour enough in the blender to cover your herb, turn on the blender and wait about one minute, maybe two, but no more than two minutes, you want to use the blender enough to pulverize the herb and have it completely soaked...that's it. It's better to have too much iso than not enough.

    I have heard of stories about people thinking they'll get more for there efforts and allowing the iso to soak in for a whole day. This does NOT work. It is a waste of time and good herb too, because what happens is you end up soaking out all the impurities too. It'll look green, and taste like shit.

    Now comes the tricky part, (but I'm planning on an improvement to this step, I'll include it at the bottom, but I havent done it yet.) get out a bowl, I like a bowl with a flat bottom. Like a cereal bowl. Get out one coffee filter also.

    Pour some of the contents into the filter that you are holding over the bowl, as it fills, try to grab the tops of the filter, and close it off so nothing can escape out the top. Gently squeeze the filter, extracting all the iso into the bowl below.

    Basically you are all done, all that is left to do is to evaporate the iso, what I do is place the bowl on my monitor for about a day. Obviously keep an eye on it. You could also place it near a space heater. These are about the only methods I am going to condone. Stove top heat is way too high and could cause a fire! In the summer time you dont even need extra heat, the iso will evaporate naturally if left to itself. Evaporation usually takes about a day or less.

    Now for some side stepping from the process, as mentioned above, an improvement I want to try is to buy one of those washable coffee filters that they sell at the market. There about 3 bucks with a permanent wire mesh. Its washable and reusable. (I told ya, I'm cheap)

    Another side step to this, is I've found that oil can be a pain in the ass to deal with. Using your razor to scrape it up. Trying to get it off your fingers....yuck! Anyway, after your all done and about to throw all that blender'ed herb out.....toss a little into the bowl and when the iso evaporates...you have black hash instead of oil!

    Taking this a step further, toss a little more into the bowl and you'll have black herb to smoke.

    I have tried the black hash and black herb method and I like these much better than the oil. It's cleaner and easier to deal with.

    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    LOL, thank you videoman for this is another great way to make hash, but I really just wanted to know about the clippings. You said just let them dry out completely. Is that all?? Better in a bag? Let air get to them every once in a while? That was all I really wanted to know, but thank you once again for being very informative.

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    alright heres a nice method get the bubble bags and make blond lebonese hash. like gorge cervantes does in his videos.

    i woulb put your trimmings into jars depending how much you got so when you make hash you dont loose any triscolmes. thats the best way to do it and by far the easiest.

    CHOKEonitOTTAWA Active Member

    Dry Trimming To A Crisp, Place In Freezer Tricolms Will Crystalize, For Screened Teq..hand Pressed Is The Best

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    yeah but the bubble bags kick ass

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Paulio, I actually place mine into a champagne bucket, top is open. It dries fast in there, open to the enviroment.


    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    Thank you Videoman.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i let my trim get half dry. kind of crunchy but not to where it breaks up. if you dry it to dry the plant matter breaks up to easily and contaminates the hash. i've used fresh trim and it works. the only problem was the hash was to gooey. very hard to handle. so i let mine dry somewhere between wet and crispy. 1 lb of trim in my room ( 70 degree avrage, 40 % humidity ) takes about 1 week to dry when spread out on a table.

    ChillWill151 Well-Known Member

    how much hash do u normally get out of 1 lb of dry clippings?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i use a bubbleator hash machine and hash bags.

    with trim i get 10% +/- back. 100 grams will yeild about 10 - 12 grams.

    i recently used 100 grams of ground bud and got back 21 grams of hash. so bud will yield about 20%.


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    sorry i rambled.

    1 lb of dry clippings will yield me about 45 - 50 grams.

    ChillWill151 Well-Known Member

    lol no thats great info thanks

    purplegorillas Active Member

    To make the best hash out of trimmings you have to cure the trimmings just like you would with bud (curing trimmings allows the THC to reach its peak potency), then after you have completed the curing process place the ziplock bags in the freezer for at least 24 hours then use those trimmings for hash extraction. This process is much longer then most people are willing to wait for but the hash is of the highest quality.

    lando421 Well-Known Member

    does anyone know where in Canada to get those bubble bags? I want golden hash o:

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    maybe walmart lol.

    sorry i dont know if theyre a store that sell em.

    FirstTimeGrow Well-Known Member

    Stupid Question:

    Are you certain that all of the iso evaporates? Nothing harmful stays..right? I feel weird smoking anything that soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

    As well, while I'm not questioning your methods, you basically say to just blend up everything with the iso. If you don't filter out any of the leaf, wouldn't this just be blended up leaves instead of actual hashish? ie, your yield would be 100% while everyone else is saying they are closer to 10%.

    Does some of the leaf mass evaporate or something?

    djfeav Active Member

    bubble sack cant beat it easy water, ice sorted

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