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Sativa, large yield?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by scubadude239, Oct 26, 2007.


    scubadude239 Well-Known Member

    I would like to order some seeds online so i can grow my own fire shit. I like the high i get from a mostly sativa plant. What would be the best sativa with the greatest yield when in comes time for harvest? Thanks in Advance

    egurgu Active Member

    You should try Strawberry Cough by Dutch passion its a hybrid, hybrid between an Indica and a Sativa with about 80% Sativa influences. Yeild depends heavily on your setup. what are you working with?

    Smoke2Live420 New Member

    man get some seeds from green house seeds.
    Dr Chronics Cannabis seeds bank has them...most of those plants are sativas and always win cannabis cups with their bud..:blsmoke:

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    Second that!
    Like Arjans' Haze #1
  5. i agree with egurgu id go with the duth passion Strawberry Cough lovly smoke never grown it my self tho not the growing type really.

    MOONSTAR8595 Active Member

    Green House - Super Lemon Haze or Hawaiin Snow...Both get like 6.5 feet but yield like absolute crazy....Especially SLH...almost soda can size buds and lots of them (and one major cola the size of a litre bottle or bigger). Very little internode space. Haven't smoked either yet but they both claim 23%+ thc and good cbd and cbn also. Never tried greenhouse before this so not much to compare to. Trying Sensi's NL5 Haze and Barney's Utopia Haze next and I hope they turn out just as phenomenal. Trying to find that high soaring, high yielding sativa :peace:

    txhomegrown Well-Known Member

    Hey Moon, have you got those two strains curing right now? I have a Neville's haze about two weeks away from harvest. I can hardly wait. The buds have really started filling out now, so I am figuring about another couple of weeks. One of my last plants to be in dirt. That would be ten weeks. Click on the link below and there are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago. I got 3 cuttings to root, so I will be growing more of this in the new hydro setup I built.

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    Durban Poison is my All Time favorite Sativa.

    Dutch Passion sells a great DP strain!

    MOONSTAR8595 Active Member

    They are at 7 weeks right now..SLH claims 9-10 but it looks like it may be ready slightly sooner. Hawaiin Snow claims 11 weeks and it looks like it could take that long. I have a seed of Neville's in my collection but never tried the strain...So it's looking good ?

    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    dutch passion euforia
    they claim 7 weeks flower, i claim 8
    90% sativa and massive yields

    txhomegrown Well-Known Member

    I planted this just about the time I haddecided to go hydro. I had been doing a ghetto grow in crap dirt using Miracle Gro nutes. I cant believe it has done as well as it has. I had to chop the top a couple of times to keep it out of the light. I took cuttungs snd 3 have rooted and are in the veg unit. I am going to play around with at least one of them, use it for cuttings and make it bushy before going 12/12. Sorry about the long post, I am smoking a little sample bud off the plant, and Im feeling fucking great.

    I hope this pic shows up. This was at 6 weeks of 12/12/ lighting.


    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    this pic showed up :


    MR M3RKLEZz Active Member

    to bad i dont know the name of these seed strains im growing just got them off a freind an he dont even no wat there called deffo sativas an there 3 weeks into flower an r now over 5ft tall but started geting trics at 2 days old i have 8 females check pics maybe 1 of use might know wat they r

    Dutch1976 Well-Known Member

    Kali Mist is the ultimate and PPP will do the job also

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    Power Plant FTW. DP sells a nice power plant. I think it is the original.

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