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Sannies Jack f7 & KO kush f4

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by dux, Jan 23, 2013.


    dux Well-Known Member

    Hey all,
    Anybody have any experience with either of these? I will be scrogging with dwc and using gh nutes. Just curious as what I might expect..
    As far as ordering from Sannies,no complaints here! Had my order within 2 weeks.yes I did have to sign but that doesn't bother me.crafty shipping!!
    All seeds planted have popped up within 72 hours! Looking forward to taking care of some new babies!
    Thanks for any info! And take care all !!

    Clankie Well-Known Member

    I have both these right now. With the Jack you don't want a long veg time unless you have a lot of space. The opposite is true with the KO Kush. Its not the best yielding, but can be pretty decent if you veg it for quite some time. It kinda makes up for it by being a pretty quick finisher, and it is extremely potent. The Jack yields great and tastes great, and is a zippy sativa, as its mainly haze genetics would suggest.
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    ace720 Active Member

    Clankie, have you smoked the KO KUSH?
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    i haven't tried jack f7 YET, but it's totally at the top of my shopping list as jack's cleaner 2 is my favorite strain, CH9 jack wasn't as trippy, but nice and compact and even aoto jack had a respectable generic haze high, but herer is supposed to be "the real deal" and sannies' version and $sen$i $eed$ $225 are supposed to bethe best of the best, only sannies is a much more reasonable $50.

    haven't tried it yet, but the word of mouth on that strain, and the quality of sannies' gear in general makes me confident it should be just as good as my favorite JC2 (on the practical front) and maybe even better.

    check jackhammer out too. it flowers another week or two and might be even trippier. i need to get some clarification on that from them as it was suggested to me when i inquired about their trippiest strain that isn't named killing fields. it sounds like the two jaclks are trippier than their columbian lamb's bread. that works for me!

    if you decide you don't like herer... i'd be happy to trade you 2x weight in afghanicrap! just kidding... i wouldn't grow that crap EVER!

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    I'm a long time customer of Sannie and Co., and have grown KO kush. There are better kush strains out there, in fact I won't run any of his indica gear anymore...including herijuana(very low yields). I'd have recommend the caramel candy kush from Dynasty, which is also sold via Sannie...only I just tossed 7 male plants out of the 10 in the fucking garbage. I've had very high male ratios on ALL indica gear from Sannie's shop. So if you run it, you need solid cloning skills. The sativas are much better from them, why I don't know.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    All these threads your on either starts with " I havent or I plan on "
    Why bother spitting words about something you aint a clue about.

    You call the indicas afghani crap etc. I bet them you say you wont touch get anyone higher than your 4 week old fried veg.
    Some people do actualy like getting stonned I know i love chilling with an heavy hitting in nights with good music, good company and a good munch.

    I noticed Breeders choise seeds have gone down in price, I love `to try their version of Cheeseberry

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Hell, I like indica during the day. And I also forgot to mention, that Sannie's herijuana has a second pheno that yields much higher. The problem is finding one, takes at least 2 packs. But that one is definitely a keeper for clones...also has better fruit flavor than the dominant coffee/chickory pheno.

    ace720 Active Member

    Wow thanks for the heads up. I'll keep that in mind
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    yes, SOME do, but MOST don't and the weed market is anti-democratic as it's DICKtated by the wishes of the GROWERS, not the smokers. most people would rather get high than stoned. this is not an opinion, it's a FACT!

    so, if 36% of people would rather get high versus just 26% stoned with those DEMANDING getting stoned in the smallest minority at just 4%, there's not a fucking thing you can say to rationalize why growers REFUSE to grow anything that gets anyone high other than they're greedy fucks that care more about profits than love of the gift or making ALL of their customers happy. you can't twist the facts any fucking way that changes the fact that dealers aren't supplying what customers are demanding, and are even openly hostile to their customers who dare demand better.

    so, you and every troll piece of shit who's dick you suck can all fuck off! i grow the shit you refuse to, most people would rather have that., and i do it not for money, but for love of the gift. you and everyone like you are simply trying to preserve your commie fucking monopoly where you get rich and the customers that want to get high get shit.

    i don't have issues with people that actually prefer getting stoned either and have recommended sour cream, heroauna, hashberry, ice castle and NL#5 etc. depending on what a grower is looking for many fucking times as my phiilosophy is give the people what they want, unlike greedy ass growers who refuse to.

    there's too many pieces of shit in this world that are threatened by, and actively try to suppress getting high, and whether you know it or not, you're one of them apparently attacking me personally which is ALWAYS the way scum reply to threats. they don't address the facts directly... people wanna get high... greedy fucks refuse to offer the possibility, but instead distract the weak minded with bag appeal lies or attack any messenger that threatens their evil house of cards with the fucking truth.

    what the fuck is YOUR agenda for trying to stifle people from getting high, hmmmm?

    me? i'm totally up front about MY agenda... i've fucking had it with 25+ years worth of greedy fucks taking my money and not one of those useless pieces of shit ever got me high ever! thieving fucking bastards!

    don't try and play the stoner fucking victim card either. you can't get away from fucking stone even if you want to. there's no such thing as a stoner that can't find what THEY want even if they're in the minority.... hmmm... kinda stinks of elitism all around


    cash crappers a feckin' commies that don't want anything voted on. you KNOW if customers were given the CHOICE to get high, they'd take it and at least 14% of us DEMAND IT. hate on me all you want, but you're only propping up a commie regime that's hostile to the masse
    s. i'm fighting the good fight for the little guy at every turn. my cause is just.

    honestly, i think that the whole indica game is INTENTIONAL, just like all the shit corporations push on us... whatever you fucking do, make sure everyone is dissatisfied! it makes them better consumers! why else would today's music be such forgettable sludge, sitcoms sucking dead skunks out of dead skunk's asses and reality TV?! REALLY? the whole greed game's goal is to exploit everyone else's misery. cash crapping is just another face of the same game.

    if people could actually get high... they'd stop buying what the fuck ever to compensate for what has become a miserable society in general and just chill the fuck out on the good life like all those hippies tried to do when they thought they could save the world from the same issues that are totally out of fucking control and that need their necks snapped today.

    unlike getting stoned which only fosters APATHY or even DEPRESSION! getting high inspires happiness, sharing, fun and most importantly of all in a world full of stupid piece of shit foxnews gun totin' hate filled brainwashed MORONS, critical fucking thinking. people that get high tend to get uppity about injustices.... hmmmm there's food for thought

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Fuck off...:-P

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Most dont??

    where do you get your numbers from
    little rich

    little rich Active Member

    Hazey cau post a link to all your facts & %'s.coz the facts your trying to put across are realy hard to believe.
    Ill give u 1 big fact, if it werent for the growers there would not be any smokers
    I like indicas more than sativas to be honest but I dont try & preach that to other growers & smokers like your self, its each to they own & thats not coz I cant grow sativas.

    althor Well-Known Member

    You would also think talking of killing growers would be enough to get him banned.

    dux Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info Clankie !

    Geez,I didn't want to start a bitch fest...

    back to the topic, I think I read somewhere that the f4 seems to like a little extra cal/mag supplament? Anybody know?
    Thanks again!

    Clankie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, although its still curing. I like it, for a solid indica. Mine isn't like a one hitter quitter, although for me nothing seems to be. It does have great pain relief and a very nice euphoria vibe, and definitely makes me a bit sleepy. Most of my indicas go to my medicinal patients, who have been happy with the bit I gave them a couple days ago. Again, you need to veg the shit out of it for good yields. I probably vegged mine for a good two weeks after preflowers. Its a big mean indica, mine definitely has herijuana dominance that comes out in the taste, which is big and dark and bold. It you value quality over yield, its a solid plant. I'mma keep it until I run something better.

    Many of the extremely potent indicas have low yields, and KO is herijuana x (pre 98 Bubba x Killa Queen), so yeah, its not the best yielder.

    althor Well-Known Member

    I have madshack in jars. When I transfered from the brown bags to the jar I took the shake from the bottom of the brown bag and rolled it up to "sample". It gave me a really nice buzz. It didnt last long at all but the buzz was potent and really good feeling. I cant wait for it to cure to try it again. It certainly looked indica even though it has sativa in it.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    You sound a bit uppitty..meds not workn? ....Mine havnt sent me crazy....
    P.s nobody likes angry people....

    Punk Well-Known Member

    Played with KO Kush from Sannies before....As in, got 4 of em growing right now. Also I have finished them in the past and can concur with an earlier post that it is a fast finisher and potent...as for yields, a pair of ladies will net about 4oz with average veg time. Currently waiting to see how easy cuttings take root.

    sephiclo Member

    Because its human nature to say "I don't know ...but"
    We just have to realize to mute everything after "I don't know"

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    I'm looking into both strains and harijuana, I wish they had chocolate berry haze in stock :(

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