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    hydrosoil78 Active Member

    I finally got started with a set of 4 bubblebags so I got out the green love potion from last year outdoors DSC00606.jpg

    with my 4 bag set I wind up with 3 grades of ice water hash. didnt get a whole lot the first time but it was surprisingly potent and tasty DSC00609.jpg . I won't be growing it anymore but it has a nice fruity pine taste like green crack or green ribbon and it grew fast so I like it.
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    calicat Well-Known Member

    Thats good news I bought a green love potion and germinated with success. For a newer company all that I have tried from them has been good..el alquimista and ultraviolet.
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    moldybologna Member

    Samsara Spicy White Devil (Jack Herer x Blueberry) is pretty solid. Easy to grow, good producer, good yield, nice taste. Haven't heard much positive or negative with the company so thanks for the feedback.
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    jojaxx Well-Known Member

    Got a free GLP seed with a past order with the Tude but haven't started it yet.
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    apollo4 Active Member

    GOP I ran tasted like lavender,was a picky feeder.she wasn't a keeper
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    Ray black

    Ray black Active Member

    Got two green love potions as freebies.
    Grew them both out and they did amazin. Both extremely resinous and produced so much they were falling over.
    The people who have tried this have have wanted more.
    It has received compliments such as "the best shit I have ever smoked" and "better than anything I have found in my dispensaries"
    I have renamed it skittles. Grow it, try it, and you will know why.

    Been growing some high end beans and this stuff was free! wtf, it's better than a lot of the shit I have bought..

    Bought 5 more beans from Single seed centre tonight. This stuff is worth a pheno hunt, awesome.
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    Ray black

    Ray black Active Member

    One of them near the end

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    HottyToddy Member

    Hella Stoked after reading this thread! image.jpg

    HottyToddy Member

    image.jpg Won't be long now! Just in time for this minth's crescent moon...

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