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Same seeds, plants don't look alike...Pics

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Jarhead, Apr 16, 2009.


    Jarhead Well-Known Member

    I bought some seeds form a seed bank overseas. They are Northern Lights/Skunk Feminized. Hopefully you can see the difference from the plant in front to the one in back in first pic. Germinated at same time, planted at same time...etc. etc. The plant in back (the "burnt" looking leaves are from the lights too close to the tops and burned them) has noticeably larger colas starting than the one in front. And the color is different as well as the leaves look different shaped. They have been flowering for 5 weeks now and the front plant looks to be about 2 weeks or so behind the back plant in growing flowers. Any input, or has anyone seen this occur before? I think what I'll do is when it comes time to harvest the back plant, I'll just keep the front one in flower until trichome's are showing ready to harvest. But the problem then is that I won't be able to clone the "good" female, as I don't have the room or lights to keep flower and veg stage at same time. I have included a couple closer pics of the colas too. Let me know what you all think of "the good girl" too.:hump::weed:bongsmilie:eyesmoke:

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    Jarhead Well-Known Member

    Bumpity bump bump. Any input for me?

    ajarrod Well-Known Member

    i dont think no one plant is going to look alike or grow the same even tho its the same strain. also i read that if its a f2 hybrid chances are each plant is not going to look exactly alike, sometimes it can look more like northern or more like the skunk JMO
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    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Its called "pheno types" I can see that one plant really took on the sativa genitics.

    Getting seeds from a stable strain is getting fewer and far between with all the breeding and cross breeding and bazillion different strains out there.

    I am a loyal Serious Seeds fan. They have 5 strains and thats all they breed. All their time and attention is devoted to developing a product that is as close to perfect as possible. Many. many awards and cups earned by their strains.
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    Jarhead Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. :clap:I didn't even think about that possibility of genetic differences. It makes sense. Not real happy about it, but still, it makes sense. What about keeping that slower plant in flower? Or should I just go ahead and clone the "good" one?:weed::leaf:
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    chitownsmoking Guest

    nice looking plants though
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    Stoneded Active Member

    It's generally a bad idea to clone a plant that's already been flowering for so long. I ALWAYS clone my favorites (or all of my plants if I only have a couple) BEFORE I put 'em into 12/12. If ya clone a male or a shitty phenotype, you can always just destroy it/give it away. Just keep that in mind for next time. Good luck tho.

    Tricks Well-Known Member

    What Boneman says is true, thats why when you get your seeds you need to grow some mothers and take the healthiest and best looking mom and clone her, of those clones you gotta be picky again. Only the fast ones will get potted. If i pot 30 plants its not unussual for me to go thru 120 clones.

    Now i usually dont buy the seeds. I can get the clones, but the process is the same.

    Jarhead Well-Known Member

    So it sounds like I should continue growing from seeds, 'cause like I said, I don't have the room to grow with both veg and flower. Thanks for the direction and sorry it took so long to get back and say so.:bigjoint::leaf::weed:"Mmmmmmmmm Ganja"

    PS-- Nice Scripture quote there Tricks :lol:...it looks familiar.

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