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safe to grow on patio?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by HitTheBong816, Jan 14, 2009.


    HitTheBong816 Well-Known Member

    So i recently obtained my medical marijuana card and i intend to grow several plants on my patio... Although it is now "Legal" to be doing so does anybody think that it is a bad idea to have these plants growing on my patio, which is adjacent to a path in my apartment complex... People will be sure to smell the plants once they start to mature.. i am just not sure if the apartment complex would allow it? any insight willl be apprecietae

    Nocturn3 Well-Known Member

    Bad idea. Keep it relatively stealthy, card or not.

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    even if you dont get in trouble for it, if people smell em, they will probably steal them.. would totally suck to be a week or two from harvest and lose everything.. maybe start them out there if nothing else but move them in when its flower time..

    Reeny Well-Known Member

    I agree keep it stealthy. I know in some areas even if you have your card you can still be tossed out of your rental unit if the landlord chooses to do so. My biggest concern would be getting ripped off however.

    HitTheBong816 Well-Known Member

    Thanks everybody, what if i left em outside during the day, while i was here so nobody could snatch em, and put em inside at night, there is a 6 ft fence seperating my patio from the world. would it hurt the plants to grow them inside, and outside when i was home?

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    the only issue with that is the chance you will risk on a daily basis of bringing in outdoor bugs and pests in.. even though the light is so much better outside, the risks of bugs etc would outweigh the benefit of the suns light. that is just my thought though :)

    jimmy44 Well-Known Member

    could you put up some kind of screen along the railing so people can't see the plants as long as you keep them short? like a white plastic that would allow light through but hide the plants?

    HitTheBong816 Well-Known Member

    There is a 6 foot wooden fence already, the only people who could see in are the people with 2nd story apartments across the walkway... it is a very small patio but gets lots of sun in summer.

    bigbenzo420 Well-Known Member

    2 be honest a patio really wont give u the medicine u need when u want it ,2 unrelyable since u have ur card go inside and set up in the biggest closet in ur apartment oh yeah if ur upstairs with some autoflowering hybrids u might be ok do not tell apartment staff u grow unless they ? u
    Papi Chingon

    Papi Chingon Well-Known Member

    i don't know where you live but the medical recommendation card in california only "allows" for plant(s) to be grown inside. if you grow outside it's illegal, retard card or not.

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