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Safe, Discreet, Dank Seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by subcool, Aug 27, 2008.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    I want to let you guys know that there are a few places that you can trust.
    I have been doing this for a very long time and there is a reason we don't deal with every distributor. Most are dishonest or more concerned with making a quick buck than on customer service.

    There are exceptions to this rule and in a decade of producing medical genetics we have a short list of sites we recommend.

    First is

    This is an auction style forum similar to CW but its run out of the UK server all safe and happy.

    I have met and know the owner very well and I can tell you he gets your seeds to you and thats that.
    The prices start as low as 40$ for most gear and at times the rare stuff can go a bit higher.
    Shipping is so good people have tossed there pack in the waste can only to recover it later look better and find there order.
    Give em a shot I personally guarantee they will look after you.

    The Second site is
    Marijuana Seed(s) Cannabis Seed(s) buy purchase (cannabis, pot) shipped worldwide

    we have been with them almost 2 years now without a single complaint!

    A New site to grab both TGA and DNA gear as well as most others has just started up in Spain and has the backing of almost every breeder today.
    They are also in good standing with us.

    vBClassified - Marijuana Growing Forums

    If there not on this list I probably dont have good things to say about them.

    Never order from BCBudonline they swap out seeds when there out of stock and could care less if you get busted with there shitty system.

    Dr Chronic does not address shipping problems and will leave you hanging.

    I am sure there are other banks that do well but we have strict rules for your safety as well as our own so think twice about using someone not on this short list..

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    Hayduke Well-Known Member

    wow thanks again. I will go to the top of your list. I was recommended TGA seeds by another bro, no more questions on where to get seeds.


    ganjaman13 Well-Known Member

    peak seeds ,dr. greenthumb ,hemp depot ,have all givin me good reults every time
    all are canadien
    Rocky Top High

    Rocky Top High Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sub, your word is all I need. If I hve any issues, I will let you take care of it! ;-) It's time for another run of Vortex!

    roxistar Well-Known Member

    ALL you should need to know^^^Sub's word!! :bigjoint:

    theherbalist Active Member

    Hey subcool just wanted to say thcfarmer.com/forums rocks

    placed an order for lots of your strains there, got them all within 12days and with some killer freebies

    thanks for letting me know about that site

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    pick n mix are good too. they stock your stuff :)

    and seedsman but sadly they dont have any of subs gear yet. you should get onto it bro.

    much respect

    Hayduke Well-Known Member

    Attitude has TGA gear now...they may be a little more pricey but I got Jilly Bean and JTR in 7 days to the west coast...Only got 9 beans in the pack of Jilly bean though...


    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    lol. pretty fucked up but dont get angry bro.... have u ever counted and sorted heaps of seed lol. its a bitch of a job..

    a job where u must be blazed, looing through em for viables etc.

    hehe still, not something ya hear of all the time... i got 5 querkle andthe best bean was cracked but hey accidents happen and as long as it aint to bad meh jusy give em extrA TLC BRO LOL

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