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russet mites

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by someone else its not me, Jun 8, 2013.

    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    bongsmilieOk first let me please ask all the organic way ie ladybugs, garlic, dish soap people to refrain from judgment for I used to be one of you but I can promise you haven't had russet mites yet. I've been battling for about 6 months now and I recently stepped it up a notch from the mighty wash, azatrol-azamax type of products to avid and floramite only in early veg. I'm only using the avid because I heard floramite is for spider mites and not these devil bugs, I applied the avid 3 days ago and am suiting up soon for round two. Will this work or should I scrap it cut my losses and start from seed? I dont live at my grow currently so I'm spraying walls and everything with the avid. Im also interested in the heat treatment but my grow area is rather large and I'm not sure how I could raise the temps to 120 for an hour. This is TOTAL WAR and I'm open to any and all people who have successfully battled these, but I swear if you recommend lady bugs or some stupid shit I will find you and cock slap you, JK but seriously please dont.
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    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    Nobody beat these buggers yet? I've decided to keep a journal on these things, for the time being I will do it here. So first let me say I'm not sure if they're russets, cyclaman, or broad mites but I'm 99% it's one of them. I've been chasing phantom deficiencies, suffering from poor yeild, bad smoke-taste, and the distinct crackling I had back in the day when I was new and couldn't beat spider mites. The thing is I had no webbing, none of the distinct spider mite damage marks most of us suffered to some degree when we were new, and I've been on the same nutrient program for years and it's dialed in pretty good, so none of this made any sense. I did some research and found this is happening more and more of late so I'm gonna do the community a solid and document exactly how I combat this, win loose or draw.
    First of all the symptoms Ive seen are
    1. Loss of vigor, plants not as thirsty, deficiency like symptoms
    2. decreased quality, not as bad as regular untreated spider mites but still a noticeable difference.
    crackling when smoked.
    3. leaf tips curling under, rust spots that will even turn black on my white widow.
    Phantom cal mag def is the worst but other deficiencies also. I grow in coco so I chased this non issue for some time. Leaf deformities, all of my ak47 fan leaves have one blade only, my purps have three. general leaf tip twists etc.
    4. From what I've seen or really havent seen they're small, very small. they may even hide I'm not sure but I use a 60-100x micro and I only seem to find eggs and Ive seen a few translucent looking things but they didnt move so I dont know if they were anything. I have noticed black looking flakes or something that could be dead ones or poop. this seems to concentrate on the main vein on the underside of the leaves.
    5. Likes to pick on certain strains, my lemon haze and widow cant take it but my old school super skunk and bubblegum take it like a champ but still suffer from decreased vigor, taste and have that unacceptable crackle.

    I run a pretty in depth IPM system so my problem never got out of control. I've been able to pull three harvests that were good enough but this is not something I'm willing to live with.

    First let me run through some of the products that have helped me knock it back but cant seem to finish the job like they always have with standard spider mites. Azatrol is an excellent product and the cornerstone of my IPM system when things are running as they should. Mighty wash, liguid ladybug, azamax, and neem. I'n my opinion all of these products will serve your purpose with standard spider mites, but they're unable to finish off whatever I'm dealing with.

    As my first post mentioned I recently bought avid, floramite, and just last night I ordered forbid. My plants are in veg and I'll veg one week more once I feel like its safe to go to flower. Last nite I did a second round of avid with dutch masters perpetrator, followed by a watering with plain aspirin water with cal mag, I use ro water. The aspirin offsets the negative effect of the venom or juices or whatever these little devil bugs put into my girls. Today my plants look great, No new leaf curls, no new cal mag def really night and day difference. I'm still going to follow up with two rounds of forbid just to make sure. I will also use something around my house on all the bushes and even my lawn. I'll do this last because I have rabbits squirrels and other creatures that I'd rather not disturb but If it comes down to them or my girls in my basement it's gonna be them.
    If any of you use these products I strongly suggest you read the safety instruction thoroughly. I will not be staying at my grow while this spraying is taking place. I will also allow a minimum of 70 days between the final application and harvest. I wont go into detail on the cleaning but I bleached everything and am throwing out all old stakes, pots can filters etc.

    For those of you suffering sleepless nights trust me I feel you. I take great pride in what I do and these fuckers can get the best of anyone in my opinion. I've been in this since the late 90's and I've never seen anything like it before. I honestly thought all the super mite stuff was just bunk spewed by lazy people that couldnt deal with two spotted or red mites but thats not the case. If your chasing deficiencies, changing water sources buying new hoods, nutes, and growing medium like I was and still nothing changes you may be dealing with this.
    I plan on frequently updating this and I promise to do so till the end, I hate how some of these posts just fall off. Some days there wont be much to report so I wont. I didnt have any notes or organisation so If I left something out please sound off. I will be applying forbid on wed so Unless anything substantial happens I'll post wed night or thurs.
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    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    I should mention that the probable reason these arent as bad on the buds as classic spider mites is because when I had spider mites I didnt know what I was doing and they pretty much had free reign. If left unchecked without an adequate IPM system I'm confident these would be much worse.
    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    It's become evident I'm talking to myself but I'll continue anyways for now. I've applied avid twice and they do look noticeably better although I did notice some new leaf twists but it may take awhile for the poisons to make this happen. I'll be applying forbid tomorrow hopefully this will also kill eggs as promised. I'm still not sure if I've seen one of these creatures but I have seen eggs. I'm also looking into some sulphur sprays that some have reported worked fairly well.
    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    Just applied forbid fingers crossed, I wish I believed in something I would definitely pray to it, these things are ruining my life I literally dream about them. I think I'm going to have to toss my super lemon haze it just cant take the abuse and looks like that is where the majority of activity is happening. It really is a shame it's a fan favorite, and I cracked 30 beans to find that special girl.
    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    Well I'm 99% sure these are broad and not russet mites although I still dont think I've seen one. I'm moving the post to the icmag forum where there's a very in depth thread on the dreaded broad mite. I'm sure this forum already has a thread on this but I dont have the time to look with all the bleaching, spraying, and still somehow managing to keep my wife and daughter happy. So I will fulfill my promise to update till the end but it will be there. good luck to anyone dealing with this, and dont waste time with the bullshit pull out the nukes immediately. If you want to find the thread just search broad mites?

    Good luck!

    katluvz420 New Member

    its going to be ok ive had this issue last year and has continues into this crop what u need to get is sulfur dust and or a burner , and alternate every 3 days with permertherin ...viola.

    gobble Member

    I hear what ur saying. been doin this rag for 20+ years and I am stumped. tried mycotrol, wettable sulphur, azamax, azatrol, nano technology sprays ,amazing dr. zymes, trying to stay O.G. today is my last attempt before I go medeval on their ass! today we tried a heat treatment. soaked plants, turned fans on, and heated room to120 degrees for 20 mins. surprised to say, after turning off heat and letting room cool down there was no visible heat stress damage! tomorrow I will scop them and see wut up. if anyone interested, I will post findings tomorrow. good luck
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    dbkick Well-Known Member

    Did somebody mention Nuke Em from Flying Skull?
    It's nothing but potassium sorbate , yeast and citric acid as the active ingredient.
    It's said to be a sure kill for broad mites and it's a natural fungicide.
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    dbkick Well-Known Member

    Old thread btw :/
    Wrong fucking mites too but it probably does them.
    NHS Garden Gurus

    NHS Garden Gurus Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Do post your findings! I am certainly interested.

    Organicpoop Well-Known Member

    old thread, but hay...

    I have Nukem and it def has a 100% kill rate. issue is the eggs hatch not every 3 days but every second! so they are back pretty fast!

    I back it up with a ovicide then spray.

    I get curly tips on the new growth however they pop back.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Pyrethrum TR
    Bomb them bastards, then bomb again 3 days later..... and be done with em.

    backtracker Well-Known Member

    there's a product called EZ-Wet it is a wetting agent says it's organic and it lets the product you are spraying get the bug wet because they have a way of staying dry when they are exposed to moisture this stuff breaks that protection down and lets the poison get on the bug you can get it here. https://www.monstergardens.com/Pest...E-Easy-Wet-Advanced-Nutrients-Wet-Betty-Quart

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