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Rubbermaid Grow, PC clones-First time need suggestions and support

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by Medigan, Dec 28, 2012.


    Medigan Member

    Looking to go as inexpensive as possible. Would also like to use minimal power, so it is not another large monthly expense(this should be cheaper than buying the green med, right?-only use an 8th a month so this grow is plenty large for me) trying decide on a cfl set-up or an led, would prefer to spend under $200, $150 if possible on my lights. Also wondering if cfl will get too warm, i would prefer an environment easier to control without too many fans to exhaust and filter, or too loud of fan. Two stacked Rubbermaid scrog hydro grow planned, plan to clone in a PC when I get there. Not sure how many plants I can should grow in the Rubbermaid, thinking 2 at a time with the scrog. I could veg and pick the best from the PC. Also wondering if I can choose strains like misty kush and skunky diesel or if I am limited to autoflower with my proposed set-up? Best nutes for small grow?

    Medigan Member

    Decided I need to grow some grape ape(have loved it) and purple Buddha, too. Any good seed shop with all 4 of my choices? (Again, sorry for all the newb q's, read seed shop reviews but still unsure who to choose)

    rooky1985 Active Member

    Those strains will have to be lst or scrog (trained) for your space. If this is your first grow i would suggest soil as the medium. Don't let anyone fool you leds emit a significant amount of heat just a little less than cfl. Is 200 for the whole budget or just the lighting system? I would suggest going hybrid, a led and cfl combo but good leds are not cheap (although i boughtone from china and am pleased so far it was 200).

    Medigan Member

    I plan on scrog :). I was hoping to stay at or below
    200, on lighting specifically.

    rooky1985 Active Member

    I like the idea of cfls, in your situation, they are proven. I have heard mixed opinions on leds so i got one to make my own decision but I really havnt had it through a flowering period, which makes it hard to recomend. I also think you will get more watts for the money with cfl and with less cost you can focus more on heat exchange. I love training plants, it takes a little more veg time but it is worth it in the end. I would like to see your journal when you get started.

    askiba Well-Known Member

    Hi, I just started a rubbermaid grow about a month ago, using CFLs, starting to flower today with a 150w hps I got for $70. Just make sure you have powerful enough exhaust for the lights you choose and of course light-proofing for flowering. I am also concerned with fire safety.

    guest420 Well-Known Member

    just go to home depo light section and get the big ass cfl's make sure they say warm light that is for flowering. daylight is for veg. i bought 4 of them they are enough for 1 plant i know from experience but the more you have the better off you are. the lights are around 10 bucks each, while you are there you can get some Y splitters for your lights and make your own system for lighting

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