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Royal queen seeds?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by BLACKMESSIAH7, Sep 13, 2009.


    BLACKMESSIAH7 Active Member

    Has ANYONE ever heard of and dealt with these seed breeders? They have some cheap prices on a few sites but i figure that's bcuz no one wants them or has had success w/them. If anyone has had experience with their seeds please share. I want to make an informed purchase and I'm doing the research but I haven't heard of ROYAL QUEEN SEED CO.:peace:

    HHF Well-Known Member

    They are not breeders, they just reverse other breeders work and release feminised seeds of their works for 3 times the price.

    Certainly NO breeding involved at all.

    Peace! HHF

    BLACKMESSIAH7 Active Member

    kiss-assTHANX!LOL After all this time and i finally got a response from someone. I had recently visited the Attitude's site and i am seeing some "breeders"(I'm using the term loosely because of the fact that there are BREEDERS on this site who may take offense to the term being thrown out there). I take nothing away from anyone who does what I haven't. I L:hump:VE ganja:leaf::hump: and have been smoking it since I was waaaay too young(22yrs. and counting...........) and I haven't taken the time out to read up or attempt to grow until recently. So I give all props to all who do what they do, bcuz I'm not there yet. That being said I still wanted to know what I was dealing with with the Royal Queen Seeds Co. bcuz I haven't heard of them in any of the forums and I saw their gear in the Attitude's catalog. I figure I have read more than enough posts to know that the Attitude is a good company yet I had never heard of Royal Queen and they have some good prices:mrgreen: (As does KC BRAINS whom I have never heard of either) so I had to find out if I would be wasting my time and money on something that would be sub-par in genetics and hence potency(which is obviously important to me.). so as a follow-up can you answer that for me? Thanx:peace:

    HHF Well-Known Member

    Well, what may appear Cheap(er) is infact more expensive than the original breeders seeds. They do not do any breeding, so it would be physically impossible for their ''work'' to be anything other than less than the OG breeders.

    Peace, HHF

    royalruby Member

    I have had very good results with this group. I first met them, along with sensi seeds in
    Amsterdam a few yrs ago...That is what and when I started to grow. I can speak for 4 strains they offer. Blue mystic,,,they spelled it mistic..lol Fruit spirit, critical and royal dwarf....some fem, some auto flower, all work pretty good for me. I do trust that company, but there are so many out there,,makes the head spin. best regards my friend...

    royalruby Member

    I would much rather go direct,,,can you tell me who they use. I figure you must know... Thank you in advance and may you have a great day

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    special queen #1 is super skunky. Best strain ive ever run

    althor Well-Known Member

    I have experience with Blue Mistic (great little plant) and Special Queen (very nice skunk pheno).
    I have Ice growing now flipping to 12/12 today as it happens.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    ICE is a sick nirvana strain, it won awards for one of the pheno's, i wonder how the Royal queen version compares.

    althor Well-Known Member

    I'll be sure to let you know.

    Err, well I wont be able to compare since I dont know nirvana's strain. I will let you know how the RQ Ice turns out though.

    rootsorganic Active Member

    special queen #1 is very nice

    JAhphoon Member

    i got some special kush1 from a hydroshop for free, fems. 1 was a polyploid hermaphodite but the rest were fine (6 total), smoke was sound (ok) as an indica, smell was eucalyptus with a hint of lemon, taste very eucalyptus dominant on the taste buds, yield could of been better though... there are worse brands out there but defos better when paying higher prices.
  13. Dude wtf you know they grow , you know they grow out seeds !! THEY ARE BREEDERS !!! What you mean to say is they DON'T HAVE HYBRID strains or own strains yet ! But they stock cup winners and are becoming the fastest growing seed company in EUROPE ... I use DinaFems Seeds and pay average $65-80 for 5 seeds they have killer strains and i think one of the best breeders out there and I cant tell the difference between dinafem plants and royal seeds plants both critical looks amazing and other strains are dead on i am even gonna go out on a leg and say royal queen seeds are just dinafems strains renamed and repacked for cheaper price .

    althor Well-Known Member

    Blue mystic hermied on me and then a buddy grew it out and it hermied on him as well. Both times it was ass-kicking smoke, hermie or not. I have Ice around 25 days in the jar right now that I will be trying out soon and the same buddy grew out Special Queen 1 and really liked it.

    gagekko Well-Known Member

    Special Kush seems to have several phenos - last time I got a really kick ass phenos. I was very impressed

    bubbiewubbs New Member

    Ive only posted a few times but i just recently been doing the same research you guys speak about. i have orderd 5 times now getting ready to start a few rooms and everything attitude sends is discreet and get the mug option. its a cool granddaddy purp mug. but i got white widow, og kush, critical, and queen special. so far they all germ overnight 100% and in rock now. so far my expierences with these guys are great. order royal queen 5 pack. grow 2 moms, get the clones. and youve doubled your setup, if not more. im high. but there ya go. 10$ a seed give or take a few bucks. plus with attitude you catch the monthly special they give away a SHIT ton of free shit. just watch the timer on the main page. but in the end royal queen has been a great provider through attitude. next is dinafem. they seem to hold some great genetics. peace guys:joint:

    althor Well-Known Member

    ^Opps forgot about this. Ice was solid. Good all around as far as yield and potency.

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