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Rotary Garden. Who is using it and are the results as good as stated?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by My420, May 8, 2011.


    My420 Active Member

    Hi all I have been growing a while and have come across a very interesting machine called a rotary garden. it fits over 200 plants for every 2000 watts. Very interesting how it works. It is a circle that rotates once a day and from what is said it increases yield by 2-3 times normal. Very wild how this machine is set up. Cost is about 5k so was trying to get some people who have used it and if it was worth it. Thanks.

    Sensibowl Active Member

    Holy crap. That sounds wild.

    I think this sounds fraking amazing but also pricey. I think this is an awesome idea, but I'm wondering who's actually used this. Wish that I could do somethign like this.

    I checked out the AN lineup and their nutrients seem to be good for the rotary grows. Now that I think about it, if I wouldn't have to change my nutes, then this is sounding better and better. I just can't imagine that many plants in one space.

    I think I'd pass out from the awesomeness of this. LOL

    My420 Active Member

    Well I ordered the rotary garden should be here in about 2 weeks or so. There went 5,300 bucks but I did find some one who uses this and let me just say this.. What a great fkn idea. it is like bending a 8x16 foot flood tray around 2 lights.. Can not wait till it gets here.

    mtotty Active Member

    that is nuts I sub'd cuz if it all works out maybe i can talk the wife into letting me get the little one the volksgarden

    mtotty Active Member

    fuck just looked at the site again and using cfls they grew 900 pounds of basil in 4 week in a volksgarden with is roughly the size of a 2x4 grow tent

    My420 Active Member

    Yea insanity... I can not wait.

    The420Guru Active Member

    Well this I know about....... I use a rotary but sometimes the wheel gets stuck. Also depends on how you care for the plants for total yield. This is great because I get get 200+ plants about under 2 1000watt lights. It is like bending them around the light or having a tray above and one below with another filing in the sides. Hard to explain but I love it until it comes to the point where you have to get to the middle plants. Kind of a hassle but if you have the cash that is the way to go. More plants less space and from just my experience i get more yield. I think the way they hang has something to do with it. The machine is based off Geometry. Something for you to research My420. Here is a picture of a 1000 watt setup. This one holds 120 plants. I have the 240 plant site one and also they have a 360 plant site one here is the link for it. When space is a real issue and you still need yield. This is the best thing out there if you can afford it.


    and here are what they say about it.. Makes sense.


    Fully automated, maintenance free and easy to operate.

    Maximum growth, minimum time.

    Energy savings. Save approximately 50% on energy costs using half the lights needed to grow conventionally.

    Minimum space requirements. Save approximately 2/3 the space compared to growing flat.

    Year round farming. Grow fresh, clean, quality produce anywhere, anytime.

    Direct light source. Maximum light resulting to increased plant growth. No loss of efficiency due to reflectors.

    Adjustable light source. All B-pod models come with a light source that is vertically and horizontally adjustable also resulting to increased plant growth.

    Better use of CO2, due to it’s partially closed design.

    Precision machined with reliable industrial quality. Although designed for industrial/commercial applications, we have three (3) models to accommodate personal applications as well.

    Expandable. Upgrade from a B-Pod 120 to a 240 or to a 360 by simply purchasing our expansion kits.

    Ultraviolet protected (UV) plastic. Our plant trays are made of ultraviolet protected durable plastic, which do not dry, break, or release any contaminants.

    Quick and easy assembly. All B-pod models can be assembled within an hour.
    Medical Grade

    Medical Grade Well-Known Member

    i would like to see some pics of this in action - @ 7.5 weeks of flower.

    The420Guru Active Member

    Basically same results just a space saver and a way to get more plants into a smaller area without using reflectors. I guess you lose less light.

    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    That plant count would make it a federal case in my state. Anything over 99 puts you into the mandatory min federal pound you in the ass prison. I'll stick with less plants and growing them bigger.

    Super cool looking device though. I can't even imagain how many mothers you would need to get 200 clones all ready at the same time......holy shit!
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    My420 Active Member

    True but mostly in this state where medical marijuana dispensaries flourish as long as you are state compliant they mostly do not mess with you, that is how I am able to get clones 90 at a time, I just order them and bam same day to 7-10 days depending on the person or vendor. Even though I now stay well under 99 plants as there is no need to push it. Also I do not think that their have been to many raids lately on small collectives or dispensaries, larger ones with 1000+ plant ops have been raided recently although I do not remember hearing the FBI every raiding a house just for a 100 or so plants most of the time that person is doing something much more then that or has a very large scale opp for the FBI to get involved that I know of anyways. They usually want the big boys and rarely go after some house opp. I may be wrong but just what I have read and heard.

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    i think it would be a load of fail'age. o_O all i can see is a nightmare and heartbreak waiting to happen

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    We're watchin the same movie I think....

    My420 Active Member

    Always worth a try though......

    socal92648 Member


    I ordered the VG on 12/9/10 and was told it would take between 3-4 weeks to arrive and it ended up taking 9.5. This didn't work out to well for me since I timed everything to what they told me leaving me with a bunch of plants and nowhere to put them. They were of no help and just made excuse after excuse on why it hadn't come yet. Royally screwing me as I'm sure you can imagine.
    So I get it, there are pieces missing and no instructions on the websight at the time and the youtube was outdated showing things that didn't exist in the newer model. I got it together but I just thought that was crappy. I'm all happy watching it go around for a few days and the first motor breaks. I knew they knew something was junk about it because they included 2, Second broke 2.5 weeks later. This doesn't just stop the wheel from going around, it KILLS ALL YOUR F'ING PLANTS. Sorry still a little sore about that one. They redesigned the motor and send we one witch takes 3 weeks to arrive and seemed to do ok but the gear slips off of it so I had to tack weld it on cause it almost killed everything again. The crappy water pump they included broke after about 2.5 months. As the wheel does around and waters the plants the cubes become soaked and the go (upside down of course) and drip water on the glass surrounding the light. This causes the glass to be cloudy and nasty making you loose major lumens and making the inside of the glass much hotter because the light/heat cant escape.
    As far as strains go you better know what your doing because your total plant height cant be more than 18" tall or the light will burn them (600w).
    I gotta get to work now but I will try to add more later or if anyone has anything to say or any questions let me know. For now I cant say it completely sucks but the people who design it put a bunch of crappy parts that you WILL need to figure out how to replace and make work, they are of almost no help in any way and if you order anything at all it will take forever and a day to get, this is not set and forget, this will still require you to baby sit and check all parts every day because if wheel stops plants die in a matter of hrs, you must be experienced with growing because you cant just have a bunch of wild bushes in there growing like crazy thinking everything is going to be ok.

    socal92648 Member

    the rawbudz guy has it right on saying nightmare/headache. I am not a first time grower at all and also a ASE certified master mechanic and this thing has been nothing but a pain in my ASSSSSSSSSSS!

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