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Roots Organics soil VS Pro-Mix HP soilless GDP

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by inhaleindica, Jun 19, 2013.


    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    The title says it all

    Veg: 280w of T8s all together over the canopy.
    Flower: 600w Sunmaster bulb with Light mover 4 ft back n forth

    All 6 of them are in 3.7gal Home made air pots drilled with a drill bit.

    Roots Organics soil: The first few weeks of veg will only require plain water due to organic nutrients in the soil already. Once they have used up the fertilizers they will be put on Dyna Gro regiment.

    Pro-mix HP: Dyna Gro regiment all the way.

    Additives: Rapid start, Floralicious Plus, Kool bloom and possibly MOAB

    I have used both type of soil and love both of them in their own way. This time around I wanted to see how they do side by side and how much difference they make. GDP (Grandaddy Purple) is the strain that I am using. I love those sparkling purple buds.

    They have been in Veg for 5 weeks now. They will be put in flower as soon as the flower plants that I have are done which is in a week or 2. Started them off in 5 inch square pots then transplanted them in the 3.7gal pots. The 3 in front are in Roots Organics and the back 3 are in Pro-mix. Let the Fun Begin.

    Veg Roots vs Pro-mix.jpg

    GDP I harvested last month

    GDP.jpg GDP Jar.jpg

    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Some Blue Cheese that I have in Flower right now in Pro-mix 2 gal air pots. Dyna Gro Regiment with floralicious plus and Kool bloom.

    Day 1

    BC day 1 canopy shot.jpg BC day 1 under canopy shot.jpg

    Day 21: See how much a difference it transformed. I removed some of the lower canopy that wasn't getting enough light.

    BC day 21 canopy shot.jpg BC day 21 side shot.jpg BC day 21 full side shot.jpg BC day 21 pistil shot.jpg

    ricky1lung Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Subb'd up I want to see how this turns out.

    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Lets go for a wild ride....
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    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Made some Bubble hash for the first time and it was awesome to experience it. I want to try the dry ice method with my next batch. I got 16g of Hash out of 2 to 3 oz of sugar leaves. Not bad for the first time. :hump:

    Bubble concentrates.jpg
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    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Blue Cheese!!!! from previous grows months back\

    BC #5.JPG BC canopy day 46.jpg SAM_0899.jpg SAM_0907.jpg

    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Alright back to the point of roots vs promix stuff. Both types of soil so far does pretty much the same thing. However, roots seem to bring out more lush broader leaf foliage, not by much though. One of them in roots and one in promix did stunt a bit as you can see on the far right side. As far it seems I will get the same results using both depending on how much soil I would need. Promix is a little cheaper in the long run, when roots is a little easier in veg. Roots, you wouldn't need to fertilize for 2 to 4 weeks, so straight water looks more appealing in veg for me. GDP Roots vs Promix.JPG GDP Veg.JPG GDP veg2.JPG GDP veg 3.JPG First picture is when I first transplanted them in those pots. The rest are from today. almost 3 and half weeks later. Lets see how they do in flower. The ones in Roots are in the back row and promix front row. See that the roots ones are a bit bigger and lush. The attached picture is the one you have seen above post

    Attached Files:


    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    You are welcome to post pictures. The more pictures the merrier. If you guys have any advices or suggestions feel welcome to do so. Questions are welcome also.

    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not posting. Here is the result of this comparison. Roots Organics soil is the winner in the weight class. I got 2 times the yield in roots. Sorry no pictures or anything. Pro mix ph has to be in the lower 6s and the roots need to be in the higher 6s ph. I plan on doing the comparison 1 more time to confirm with proper PH all the way through. I believe if I set the PH in pro mix correctly then the results might be better. We will have to wait and see.

    drolove Well-Known Member

    damn i had my vote on the promix too.....

    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Drolove, I know! I was surprised to see the results. I had my mind set on promix to be the winner. I used to use roots organics back in the day and have been using promix for an year. Promix sure made thick and stronger stems and branching than the ones in roots. I think if I add something to promix. More perlite might make it grow better and bigger, also proper PH. Promix retains water a lot longer than roots organics.

    TefHef73 Member

    I'm using Roots Organic soil for the first time. Usually use Pro Mix Hp. Growing 2 Hijack and 1 Purple Cheese. Using a HTG 4x4 grow tent under 400w hps. I hear that if the temp during grow is in the 70's, the buds on the Purple Cheese won't get their purple color. Is there any truth to that?

    inhaleindica Well-Known Member

    Wow, I totally forgot about this journal ha. I love both mediums. I usually start off in roots organics then I transplant into Pro mix with awesome results. If they are below 75 degrees during lights off would help purple the buds. Mine never goes below 70 anyways.

    TefHef73 Member

    Thanks for the reply...looking forward to posting results around Halloween.

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