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Roots Organic Soil VS. Fox Farms Soil.

Discussion in 'Organics' started by MedicalMarijuanaUser, Nov 25, 2009.


Who makes a better organic soil?

  1. Fox Farms

  2. Roots Organic

  1. Which is better? I've used both and it seems like fox farms is more sandy where as Roots Organic has coco in it. I can't decide. What does everyone on RIU think about this?
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    Its a matter of preference but I prefer Foxfarm over all others.

    terrorizer805 Well-Known Member

    Never used Roots Organics, But I love Fox Farm soil.

    Johnboh Active Member

    Ive become a big fan of Botanicare's Organic soil & Just Right Xtra soil. I think foxfarm is good, but being on the east coast I dont want their new soil that is produced in the east coast, way more bark in it. bark is not good for your soil. high acid levels and it brings/promotes bug growth.
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    Foxfarm is disgusting.

    uNDer0ath Member

    Roots Organic is a great product for the Aurora company in Oregon. The produce a very well manufactured product. Roots organic has a minor layer of nutrients in it perfect for seedlings and clones. This medium should be cut with around 30% perlite and is meant for hydroponic nutrient lines. I would use House and Gardens Coco A&B along with dripclean and Roots Excelurator. I would use the roots excelurator the first feeding and start the others at the third week.

    I am a coco lover so of course I am going to say roots. Very clean product and have never seen fungus nats as a result of using it.
    Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more. I LOVE the original Ocean Forest blend manufactured on the West Coast, but I HATE the stuff they make now in South Carolina. Smells, looks, feels different. And has the water retention capability of a rock. I swear I tried to MIST my clones and the water that accumulated from ONLY the misting pooled on top and took a significant amount of time to actually soak in. And once it did, it never improved. Same shit.

    I returned it and got BioBizz light mix. Too bad though, cuz I really like the original formula.

    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    i love roots organic. i also like ocean forest, but don't use it anymore.
  9. I just started my grow in Fox Farms Ocean Forest. It doesn't hold water as Well as the Roots Organics. I think I will be changing back to Roots Organics soil. Kinda disappointed in Fox Farms since I use there nutes and the work great. I wish Fox Farms soil was as good as their nutes. I have also heard that Fox Farms use to have better soil, but now a days not so much. What do you guys think?

    obnative Member

    I buy ocean forest from the local g-shop and love it, yet I always wanted to improve the drainage. A friend of mine here in cali owns a mmj shop and told me to mix in cocofiber in with my ocean forest. Couple days later I go into the g-shop and they didnt just sell cocofiber alone, so I looked around and saw the soiless roots organic mixture, made of coco and also has all the goodies that ocean forest has (guano, bonemeal, and the like.) For my grow I was filling 24 3gallon buckets so I mixed 2.5 bags of roots organic with about 4 bags of ocean forest. Great mix of the two, I use the fox farm fertilizers so I didnt want to totally eliminate the ocean forest. When the two are mixed the drainage improved. Lovin' it :joint:

    Steadmanclan Well-Known Member

    i've used all different kinds.. including all available foxfarm lines and roots. i currently use the roots because i think it is the best on it's own without having to amend it with anything. i think it is the best pre-made soil in a bag.

    but you can for sure grow some really good dope in foxfarm soils... i have.

    Guyute7 Active Member

    I use fox farm and its fine, never the roots, but maybe next time. If you use ff, just watch ph to keep it in a good range.

    greenblog Member

    Was your pH getting too low? what was the pH of the runoff?

    Guyute7 Active Member

    my ph runoff last wk, 4th wk flower, was about a 5.0 using o.f. and their nute line. im not sure if its because they are too big for the small pots they are in, or if its just because the water and nutes, brings it down to that point, if i add something, might it help bring it up around a 6?

    johndoe12345678 Well-Known Member

    i use roots organic soil, buddah grow, and buddah bloom, the work great the npk on all there nutes are kinda weak so i use botinicare prow grow wiith the buddah grow works fine for me . ive mainly grown indicas with the soil

    thesoilking Member

    Hey norther west coast, Look for a new product that came on the market last year and should blow up this year called Marley Mix. Kick ass organic soil. Its made in Cloverdale Ca, and moving up north. I + lots of my grow neibors have switched to it and in has saved money on nuts. Great results! We did side by side with roots and ocean forest and the strech and bloom we superior.

    durbanmistyman Well-Known Member

    about to return ocean forest and get roots organic. which nutes should i use with roots since it is coco based. should i mix in with worm castings?

    Steadmanclan Well-Known Member

    you don't need to add castings to the soil out of the bag... they are already in there in good quantity.

    i have seen subcool make his "supersoil" using roots as a base and then amending the shit out of it with all kinds of extra's. but that is used on the bottom 1/3 of a 7 gallon bucket. and is used with big plants that don't really ever get any nutes added, just h2o

    durbanmistyman Well-Known Member

    what about nutes

    Steadmanclan Well-Known Member

    i use advanced sensigrow and sensibloom as my base nutes and have crazy good results with the roots soil

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