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roots keep dying off!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by blazed2k, Mar 25, 2011.


    blazed2k Active Member

    i'm having problems with my roots dying off. i know when using grodan cubes you can't keep them saturated at all the times or else it pretty much suffocate the roots. so i don't keep them wet at all besides the initial soak and if it gets too dry i top feed it. so it's been almost 3 weeks now and they're just stunned. when i put them in the grodan cubes they were perfectly fine. once the roots came out of the bottom and not even TOUCHING the water it rots. wth!!!! my water is at 65f using a chiller. ph is 5.2-5.8 ppm around 500-600 gh 3 part. room temp 82f humidity 60%. wtf am i doing wrong?? never had a problem till now. i had some gnats before but they're all gone now. so could it be root aphids? i used azatrol, zone, h202, nothing is working. it's so fustrating!! can anyone suggest anything? thank you in advance

    on a side note: i had my buddy do soil to see if it rots in soil. NOPE it grows perfectly fine in soil. i understand if i kept my grodan cubes very wet at all time it will rot but i don't even keep it that wet. i have the airstones bubbling up to mist the cubes and the damn roots still rots. ahhhh!!!

    strain is GDP doing RDWC in 5gal buckets

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